Proposal Topics

The CCWiC 2014 Call for Proposals closed December 16, 2013. Authors have been notified. View your proposal status in the CCWiC 2014 Submission Portal.

Call for proposals is now closed.

Research/Technical Topics

Submission Formats: Panels, Workshops, Oral Presentations, Posters (Students)

Examples of Research/Technical Topics:  Proposals for other topics are welcome.

  • Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models; Applications; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Big Data; Business Applications and IT; Cloud Computing; Computational Humanities; Education in Computational Science; Games/Gaming Development/Research; Software Design/Development/Engineering; Program Management/Project Management; Health Informatics; Human Computer Interactions; Mobile Computation; New Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Kernels and Applications; Open Source; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Problem Solving Environments; Scientific Computing; Security; Web Design
  • Others

Professional Development Topics

Submission Formats: Panels, Workshops, Oral Presentations

Examples of Professional Development Topics:  Proposals for other topics are welcome.

  • Women in Computing in the Caribbean: current status, challenges, future, surviving in a male-dominated field, etc.
  • Managing a career: different paths, choosing the right workplace, leadership development, work-life balance, mentoring, negotiating, networking, etc.
  • Transitions and career changes: school to work, changing fields/workplace, changing work roles, etc.
  • Leading the change for women in computing: roles and methods to transform higher education, recruitment and retention best practices, etc.
  • Diversity: broadening participation, increasing diversity, international issues, collaborations, etc.
  • Student issues: selecting a school and program (undergraduate or graduate); selecting a mentor/advisor; career paths, etc.
  • Others
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