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Members of the University community are granted access to information technology resources in order to facilitate their University-related academic, research, service, and job activities.

A. Use Means Acceptance of Policy and Norms

By using the University’s IT resources, users agree to abide by this Policy, as well as all relevant University policies, norms, and procedures, and current federal and Commonwealth laws. Users are responsible for the following tasks: 1. Review, understand, and comply with all policies, procedures and laws related to access, acceptable use, and security of University information technology resources; 2. Request system administrators or data custodians for clarification on access and acceptable use issues not specifically addressed in University policies, regulations, standards, and procedures; and 3. Report possible policy violations to the appropriate entities.

B. Privacy and Security Awareness

The University recognizes the user’s right to privacy and security; and will take reasonable measures to protect the security of the information technology resources assigned to individual users. The user’s personal information will be maintained in a secure environment; and only accessed by authorized employees that need the information to do their job. Should the need arise to intervene with a person’s right to privacy in the course of any investigation regarding inappropriate use of information or technology resources, the University will do so following existing legal procedures. Users should follow the appropriate security procedures to assist in keeping equipment, systems, applications, and accounts secure. These procedures are available through the System or Campus Information Systems Offices (ISO).

C. Consequences of Violations

Access privileges to the University's Information Technology resources will not be denied without cause. The University may temporarily deny access to these resources if, during the course of an investigation, it appears necessary to protect the integrity, security, or continued operation of its computers, systems, applications, and networks or to protect itself from liability. Alleged violations of University IT policies shall be referred to appropriate University officials for resolution or disciplinary action. The University may also refer suspected violations of the law to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Depending upon the nature and severity of the offense, policy violations may result in loss of access privileges, University disciplinary action, and/or criminal prosecution.

Click HERE for a complete document with UPR IT Policy

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