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  • $47 billion for climate resiliency. New funding aimed at combating wildfires and preparing coastal regions for more frequent hurricanes and flooding.
  • $21 billion for environmental projects. Increased funds for cleaning up abandoned mines, contaminated waterways and other polluted sites overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • $15 billion for removing lead service lines. Modernizing water systems to address contaminated drinking water that has affected multiple large population centers.

Welcome to the PRWRERI

The Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute dedicated to the research and development of water resources in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute (PRWRERI) is one of 54 water research centers established throughout the United States and its territories by The Water Research Resource Act of 1994 and presently operates under Section 104 of the Water Research and Development Act of 1984 (P.L. 98-242).

Exploring, Encouraging, Educating and Finding Solutions, Since 1964.

The general objectives of the Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute are (1) to conduct research aimed at resolving local and national water resources problems, (2) to train scientists and engineers through hands-on experience in research, and (3) to facilitate the incorporation of research results in the knowledge base of water resources professionals in Puerto Rico and the U.S. as a whole.

To accomplish these objectives, the Institute identifies Puerto Rico's most important water resources research needs, funds the most relevant and meritorious research projects proposed by local faculty, encourages and supports the participation of students in funded projects, and disseminates research results to scientists, engineers, and the general public.

Who Are We?
  • The Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute (PRWRERI) is one of 54 institutes in the United States dedicated to research and find solutions to the challenges in the area of water resources and the environment.
  • We have over 50 years experience in the field.
  • We serve as consultants to various government agencies, municipalities, federal agencies, as well as public and private corporations.
  • Our work is backed with years of cutting-edge research and education in addition to a vast bank of resources and knowledge.
  • Our hard work sets the standard for future generations in the management of water and environment.
We focus our research toward solving water and environment problems in Puerto Rico, United States and Latin America.
We effectively incorporate the results of research into problem solutions and this results in professional knowledge applied to water resources and the environment.
We prepare scientists and engineers throughout on the field research, workshops and courses applied to water resources and environmental engineering.
We are focused on finding solutions to the problems in water and the environment.
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Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute (PRWRERI) participated in the Puerto Rico Watershed Symposium at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez. Scientists and collegeues from various institutions presented several topics that would help with the implementation of action management

The director of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, Dr. Ismael Pagán, spoke about the need to implement green and gray infrastructure for water resource management.

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Water Resources Research act program--Current Status, Developing Opportunities, and Priorities for 2020-30

A publication was released on Nov 24, 2021. Ths report presents a 10 year vision for the WRRA program that the USGS Water Resource Mission Area and 54 State water resource research institutes can use to help solve the Nations water problems.

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