ICOM 4015 – Advanced Programming (Fall 2009)

Advanced programming techniques applied to the solution of engineering problems; extensive use of subprograms, logical and specifications statements. Principles of multiprogramming, multiprocessing, and real-time systems.

General Information

- Course Information Sheet A.K.A. Prontuario (PDF)

Lectures Sec 116 Tu & Th (3:30 -4:45) @ Stefani 203 Sec 126 Tu & Th (6:30 -7:45) @ Stefani 203

- Lecture   1 – Introduction (Slides en PDF)
- Lecture   2 – Classes and Objects (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Ago18-116, Ago18-126, Ago20-116, Ago20-126)
- Lecture   3 – Implementing Classes(Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Ago25-116, Ago25-126, Ago27-116, Ago27-126)
- Lecture   4 – Fundamental Data Types (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Sep01-126)
- Lecture   5 – Decisions (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Sep15-116, Sep15-126)
- Lecture   6 – Iteration and Simulation (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Sep17-116, Sep17-126)
- Lecture   7 – Arrays and Array Lists (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Sep22-116, Sep22-126, Sep29-116, Sep29-126, Oct01-116, Oct01-126)
- Lecture   8 – Designing Classes (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Oct20-116, Oct20-126)
- Lecture   9 – Interfaces and Polymorphism (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Oct22-116, Oct22-126, Oct27-116, Oct27-126)
- Lecture   10 – Inheritance (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Oct29-116, Oct29-126, Nov03-116, Nov03-126, Nov05-116, Nov05A-126, Nov05B-126)
- Lecture   11 – Input/Output and Exception Handling (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Nov12-116, Nov12-126, Nov19-116, Nov19-126)
- Guest Lecture   – Graphical User Interfaces (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Sec1, Sec2, Source Code: VoidSpace)
- Guest Lecture   – Version Control Systems (Slides en PDF)
- Lecture   12 – Object Oriented Design (Slides en PDF)
- Lecture   13 – Recursion (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Dic01-116, Dic01-126 )
- Lecture   14 – Sorting and Searching (Slides en PDF, Video/Audio: Dic08-116, Dic08-126 )
- Guest Lecture   – Free and Open Source Software (Slides en PDF)


- Exam 1: TBA (Solution, Stats)
- Exam 2: TBA (Solution, Stats)
- Exam 3: TBA (Solution, Stats)
- Final Exam:  TBA (Solution, Stats)

Problem Sets

- Lab Set 1. (DOC, Solution)
- Lab Set 2. (DOC, Solution)
- Lab Set 3. (DOC, Solution)
- Lab Set 4. (DOC, Solution)
- Lab Set 5. (DOC, Solution)
- Lab Set 6. (DOC, Solution)

Programming Assignments

- Programming Assignment 1. Mayaguez 2010 Screensaver Due Oct 3 (PDF, Solution)
- Programming Assignment 2. Calculadora financiera (PDF, Solution)
- Programming Assignment 3. VoidSpace (PDF, ZIP)

Email Lists

- icom4015-profs
- icom4015-students  (Subscribe) (Archives)
- icom4015-forum (staff & students)(Archives)

Software Development Tools

- Eclipse IDE
- Eclipse Visual Editor Plugin (download, README)
- Exadel IDE

Supplementary Readings


RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines. ABSTRACT: This document provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette (Netiquette) which organizations may take and adapt for their own use. As such, it is deliberately written in a bulleted format to make adaptation easier and to make any particular item easy (or easier) to find. It also functions as a minimum set of guidelines for individuals, both users and administrators. This memo is the product of the Responsible Use of the Network (RUN) Working Group of the IETF.

Course Evaluation

- Evaluación del curso por los estudiantes (PDF)

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