INEL 4206 – Microprocessors (Spring 2003)

Architecture, organization and operation of microprocessors and their supporting devices; design of microprocessor-based systems.

Información General

- Prontuario del Curso (PDF)
- Bosquejo del Curso (PDF)

Conferencias (Martes y Jueves 9:00 – 10:30 Stefani 113)

- Lecture 1 – Introduction, Course Info (Ver Prontuario)
- Lecture 2 – The Nature of Information (FotoCopies)
- Lecture 3 – The Nature of Computing (PowerPoint, PDF)
- Lecture 4 – Practical Universal Computers (PowerPoint, PDF)
- Lecture 5 – Programming Universal Computers (PowerPoint, PDF)
- Lecture 6 – Programming Universal Computers: Data Types (Blackboard Notes)
- Lecture 7 – The Intel Pentium Instruction Set Architecture (FotoCopies)
- Lecture 8 – Input/Output and Operating System (OS) Structures (PowerPoint, PDF)


- Examen Parcial 1: martes 25 de Febrero 6-8PM en S-113 (Temas, Práctica, Solución, Estadísticas)
- Examen Parcial 2: martes 18 de marzo 6-8PM en S-113 (Temas, Practica, Solución, Estadísticas)
- Examen Parcial 3: martes 29 de abril en S-113  6-8 PM (Temas, Práctica, Solución, Estadísticas)
- Examen Final – viernes 16 de mayo de 2003 en C-317 9:45 AM (Temas, Final Fall 2002, Solucion Fall 2002)

Ejemplos de Codigo en Lenguaje Assembly

- Class Examples (MIPS Source Files


- Problemario 1. Combinational Computation (Word, PDF)
- Problemario 2. Easy I Assembly Language (Word, PDF, Files)
- Problemario 3. Procedures and Recursion (Word, Files)
- Problemario 4. Easy I Simulator (Word, PDF, Template, Solucion)
- Problemario 5. Interrupt and Exception Handling (Files)

Correo Electrónico

- inel4206-TAs (TAs)
- inel4206-profs (profesor(es))
- inel4206-students (todos los estudiantes de INEL 4206)
- inel4206-forum (staff y estudiantes)


- Emacs for Windows (download)
- .emacs File (download)
- SPIM Simulator (home site, windows version)
- UC Berkeley  SPIM including SPIM for Mac OS (home site, macOS X)
- X Server for Windows (download)

Lecturas Sumplementarias

- Easy I Quick Reference Sheet (PDF)
- “The Nature of Computing”. Bienvenido Velez. COMPEL 2002 Plenary Talk. (PDF)
- “An Overview of Information Theory” Bell Labs. (PDF)
- “Assemblers, Linkers and the SPIM Simulator”. This is Appendix A of Hennessy & Patterson, Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface. Coutersy of Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.
- RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines. ABSTRACT: This document provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette (Netiquette) which organizations may take and adapt for their own use. As such, it is deliberately written in a bulleted format to make adaptation easier and to make any particular item easy (or easier) to find. It also functions as a minimum set of guidelines for individuals, both users and administrators. This memo is the product of the Responsible Use of the Network (RUN) Working Group of the IETF.
- SPIM/MIPS Instruction Set Sheet (PlainText)

Enlaces de referencia

- Web site del libro de Patterson y Hennessy “Computer Organization: The Hardware Software Interface”.
- Web site de curso relacionado en U of Texas: EE 2310: Programming in Spim and C. Este website tiene ejemplos de programas en SPIM y otra información útil.
- Website del curso 6.004 Computation Structures del Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
- Webpage de Armando Marin, TA de la clase (click)

Evaluación de la clase por los estudiantes

- Evaluación del curso por los estudiantes durante el examen parcial I (PDF)