I conduct all my research as a member of  the Advanced Data Management Group.


Research and Development Projects

- InfoRadar (a PRECISE sponsored project)
- IBM Cryptography Software for AIX
- Tren Urbano Passenger Information System
- Adaptively Replicated Information Services (ARIS)
- Intelligent Power Routing Systems (IPRS)
- Verizon Mass Market Broadband Services Research Center<
- Sm@rt Computer Architecture Educational Tools

Curricular Revision of the Computer Engineering Program

- Programa ICOM actual (forma tabular)
- Programa ICOM propuesto (forma tabular)
- Diagrama del programa propuesto
- Modelos de programa
- Descripciones de cursos
- Metas y Objectivos de la Revisión
- Propuesta Software Engineering
- Paper: Engineering and Education for the Future
- Cover Page
- Curricular Revision of the Electrical Engineering Program



Computing Programs at the UPRM Engineering School


Research Interests

- Systems for Clusters of Workstations
- Multi-lingual Information Retrieval (Text and Multimedia)

Academic Interests

- Computer Science Education
- Programming Languages and Compilers
- Distributed Computing Systems