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Links to Digital Publishing related sites

bulletThe Chameleon Federation (The International Community of Digital Publishing)
bulletThe Kleper Report on Digital Publishing
bulletThe Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing
bulletCIP4 (Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress)
bulletPODi (Print On Demand Initiative)
bulletIDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance)
bullet Institute for Print and Media Technology
bulletDigital Publishing UPRM Document Repository
bulletDigital Publishing Purdue Document Repository
bullet HP Digital Publishing
bulletDigital Publishing Solutions
bulletInstitute for Cyberinformation
bulletPrepress Forums
bullet Return on Investment for Large Format Printers Calculator
bullet Print cost calculator
bullet Laser printer costs calculator
bullet Toner use for laser printers
bullet Michigan Tech East Engineering Computing Network
bulletUC Irvine Image Works



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