Capstone Groups:

AGM Team

    From left to right: Dr. Christopher Papadopoulos (Sponsor and Client), Gilberto Jimenez Orench (PM), Michael Mercado Hernandez, Andros Rosa Llop

  • Gilberto Jimenez Orench (PM)
  • Michael Mercado Hernandez
  • Andros Rosa Llop


Around the globe, many regions lack of high quality raw materials and struggle to develop infrastructure. Some resort to bamboo, having a strength comparable to other hardwoods. But its usage, based on non-empirical data, could compromise structural integrity of infrastructure and waste of raw material. BambooScanner provides a framework from which a bamboo pole can be characterized using image processing and point cloud technologies, providing the means to select bamboo that is best suited for each purpose. It serves as the first step toward high-tech bamboo grading and as a research tool for our clients.

Harmonic Group

    From left to right: Alberto Miranda, Reynaldo Belfort (PM), Alejandro Sotomayor

  • Reynaldo Belfort (PM)
  • Alberto Miranda
  • Alejandro Sotomayor

DermAT: Dermatologists Assistive Tools

DermAT is a desktop application designed with the goal of aiding clinical dermatologists and researchers in the interpretation of skin images obtained from what is known as Reflectance Confocal Microscopy (RCM), a rising technology, recently adopted by the medical community that will promote the non-invasive study and diagnosis of the skin.

LACE Innovations

    From left to right: Carlos. J. Donato Rivera, Leslie Soto Vargas (PM), and Esther D. Ríos López.

  • Leslie Soto (PM)
  • Esther D. Rios
  • Carlos J. Donato

Endo Tracker

Amongst the copious amount of female reproductive system conditions in existence, endometriosis is one of the most difficult to detect and whose medical diagnosis standard is a low success rate laparoscopic surgery. This condition affects an estimated 176 million women worldwide, making it imperative to discover a highly efficient, non-invasive method for its detection so as to lower any further mutilation or physical suffering of these females. EndoTracker is a mobile application prototype capable of tracking the symptoms of suspected endometriosis patients. It serves as a tool for the recollection of these symptom occurrences, perform basic statistical analysis on said data, and provide both the patient and her doctor with a report of the findings.

GLITTER Engineering

    Nataina Velez (PM)

  • Nataina N. Vélez Vargas (PM)

DARC- Men’s Softball League Web Page

Downingtown Area Recreation Consortium (DARC) is a government agency who have different programs to the community in the Downingtown Borough, Chester County in Pennsylvania. The office have programs to maintain the social life and activities for the families and the people who reside in the town as bus trips, yoga classes, softball leagues, etc. DARC – Softball League Web Page will be a web based platform for the softball leagues to allow the team manager of each team have a profile and upload their information, the players, and scores. Also the web page will allow to see the scores of the games, activities, schedules, etc. This project is only the first step to a larger goal, to have a web page to reduce the paper work in the DARC office and have a web page for each team of the different sports in the area.

MDLert Group

    From left to right: Enrique Torres, Luis Padro, Rolando Ortiz, Luis Millan (PM), Luis Vera, Tahiri Fuentes (Co-PM)

  • Luis Millan (PM)
  • Tahiri Fuentes (Co-PM)
  • Luis Padro
  • Rolando Ortiz
  • Enrique Torres
  • Luis Vera


MDLert is a platform that will optimize the credentialing and recredentialing process in the PPMI Clinic of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. An online interface will provide both clinic administrators and doctors access to their documents at a moment's notice. Furthermore, a server will automatically track the validity of credentials daily. By automating the monitoring of credentials, administrators and doctors will more efficiently keep their information up to date.

BISS (Business Intelligence Software Solutions)

    From left to right: Jean-Claude Yordán, Osmar Milanés (PM), Gustavo Bravo

  • Osmar Milanés (PM)
  • Jean-Claude Yordán
  • Gustavo Bravo

MOST (Manufacturing Optimization Software Tool)

It's a desktop software tool that stores and analyzes data of Agua Natural Suprema, a water bottler supplier which helps reduce the capital loss of the company by providing an effective way of overseeing their manufacturing processes and monitoring their manufacturing equipment.


    From left to right: Abisai Ramos Rodriguez, Glorimar Castro Noriega, Wilson X. Velez Santiago

  • Abisai Ramos Rodriguez (PM)
  • Glorimar Castro Noriega
  • Wilson X. Velez Santiago

PDF Text Mining Cloud

PDF Text Mining Cloud is a web service that follows an extract, transform and load process to manage PDF documents. It extracts text, images, and text inside images from PDF files; saves them in a storage service, also providing traceability patterns.


    From left to right: Jariel Laureano, Hector Garcia (PM), and Edgardo Rivera

  • Hector Garcia (PM)
  • Jariel Laureano
  • Edgardo Rivera

PuntOs Mobile Application

Going out, just got redesigned Project Description: Our team will develop a cross-platform application that will offer a more engaging experience between businesses and customers. By Gamefying the way customers interact with businesses and the going out experience, while also offering real rewards for those interactions our team aims to be able to attract more people to local businesses and help them build a loyal customer base. The puntOs team will implement a reward based social interaction system that will incentivize users to follow businesses’ promotions, visit their establishments and share their experiences with friends and family. An accurate QR location verification service within the mobile application will allow users to check into businesses and will certify the veracity of customers’ interactions, generating trustworthy metrics that will be accessible for business owners through a dashboard view.

RVDT (RUM Vehicle Development Team)

    From left to right: Diego F. Figueroa, José F. Rodríguez, Jan C. Vega (PM)

  • Jan C. Vega (PM)
  • Jose F. Rodriguez
  • Diego F. Figueroa

RUM Vehicle

RUM Vehicle will serve as a digital platform for the UPRM Administration Deanery and will improve the process of logging and validating gas expenses each month for UPRM's vehicle fleet. It will make the validation process more efficient and catch suspicious transactions early on. Moreover, RUM Vehicle will reduce repetitive manual tasks using computing resources to validate gas expense records, produce monthly reports and notify credit card custodians if there is a discrepancy between what they have logged into the system and the master invoice coming from UPRM’s vendor.

Team JNJ

    From left to right: Christian Sintes (PM), Angelica Santiago

  • Christian Sintes (PM)
  • Angelica Santiago

Smart Dashboard

Web app that will serve as a tool for team members and manager to view and analyze individual and team performance using key performance indicator system in a single screen overview of key metrics.

Lazy Cat Software

    From left to right: Jesse Villafañe (PM), Jesmarie Hernández, Heriberto F. Bourdón, Luis González

  • Jesse Villafañe (PM)
  • Jesmarie Hernández
  • Heriberto F. Bourdón
  • Luis González

Sociocultural Activities Management Platform (SAMP)

To provide the university's Department of Social and Cultural Activities (DSCA) with a web application that will digitalize the workflow by which their staff processes student association's requests to celebrate activities on campus.

EcoWeb Development

    From left to right: Osvaldo Ramirez, Luis Sala(PM), and Victor Rodriguez.

  • Luis Sala(PM)
  • Osvaldo Ramirez
  • Victor Rodriguez

Spotin Web-app

Our project consists of providing an ecotourism web-based application that makes easier the process of searching, and booking adventures in Puerto Rico. By doing so, we expect to attract more people from around the world, and have a positive high impact in the economy of Puerto Rico.


    From left to right: Cristian Juan, Miguel Vélez (PM), José Rodríguez

  • Miguel Vélez (PM)
  • Cristian Juan
  • José Rodríguez


WebPlug aims to provide the general public with the flexibility to control their home electrical outlets and the power they supply to connected devices. WebPlug is a medium between a wall outlet and a device’s electrical plug, which can be controlled either manually, or wirelessly via a smartphone application. The system allows the user toggle on or off the power supplied to a connected device, from anywhere in the world, as long as it has internet connection. Users can register multiple WebPlugs in the application, set schedules to turn on or off a particular device at a specified time, set periodic toggles, similar to alarms, and get information on how long a device has been turned on. The device will also provide surge protection to protect devices from power surges.