Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
P.O.Box 9042
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681 - 9042
(787) 832-4040 , x 3624
Fax (787) 8318800-7564

Jorge L. Ortiz, Ph.D., PE

Courses Taught

INEL-6087 Artificial Intelligence
INEL-4206 Microprocessors
INEL-4205 Digital Logic Design

ICOM-5015 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Course Syllabus:

Project: Application of Associative Matrices to Recognize DNA Sequences in Bioinformatics


Research Interests

Artificiial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Expert Systems
Case-Based Reasoning

Current Projects

Engineering Design-Capture Using C-Maps
Skip Loops Syntactic Parser