ICOM 5018 - Problem I

Some problems, also a bit of web surfing

Spring 2006

Due March 23, 2006


        All references are to the 4th edition, the 3rd is similar, but may not be exact

        9.14 (except part d.

        10.6 (in edition 4, it is the El Gamal problem)


        11.4 (both parts)




Web surfing:

        Find open source code for DES, RC4 or 5, and AES. Read it and comment on the apparent efficiency of the implementation. In particular, also find out how Galois field multiplication is done in AES

        What is the Echelon program/project and what relationship does it have to recent NSA activities.

        Explore the Electronic Privacy foundation


This is an individual project. You should not be obtaining advice from other students or faculty members other than me. You can ask general-purpose questions but not specific questions about this problem set from student assistants and others.