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             There are many exciting programs in which the undergraduate students can
participate to enhance their professional education. These include undergraduate
research programs, internships, summer jobs, as well as participation in social and educational
activities through student societies.  In addition, students can volunteer their  time
 for several outreach programs.
            These experiences help develop the students' people skills such as leadership and
teamwork while at the same time allowing them to serve as role models for younger students.




Need money to complete your studies? To help support your undergraduate studies? graduate studies? There's plenty of options.

Description: NSF provides this easy and free service. They'll match your background against their database of over 600,000 scholarships! And they'll update you when new scholarships matching your background are added to their database. FastWeb is recommended by more than 3,000 colleges and 14,000 high schools
  Description: The  National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Sciences (GEM)
offers fellowships for studying the PhD in either Science or Engineering and fellowships to study MS
in Engineering at any one of over 60 Universities, including UPR!  The program is sponsored by industry and government agencies.
The MS students are required to work for a Summer intership the first summer after graduation.   The PhD students are offered the opportunity.   Many times, the employers offers full time jobs after graduation, although not necessarily.
  Description: This is a search engine within UPR to find undergraduate research opportunities and scholarships for
Engineering students in Puerto Rico and the United States.


Many of the Summer Internship Job web sites provide Job Search and Resume Submission.  Most are 10 week
but are flexible about the number of weeks.  Some provide living arrangements in addition to stipend.  All are a great way to earn expirience, apply your knowledge while at the same time earning money and visiting a new place.
Company or Institution Summer Job Requisites Deadline (check URL for changes) Other information Company
Agency or
(Research Experience for Undergraduate)
Underrepresented minorities undergrads students in recent grads in science, math and engineering. During early Spring. Contact each Site directly for specific information, and for application procedures and deadlines. Held at many universities (Sites), some pay room and board, field trips plus stipend. Other requirements may be listed in the specific university program (see links). U
NASA Academy U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.   Junior and senior undergraduate, or first year graduate status.    High academic standing and a demonstrated interest in the space  program  January 31
Application online (pdf)  or contact
10 week at a NASA research center
Provide an  educational and training curriculum related to NASA, which includes lectures and teamwork.
Application online (pdf)  or contact 
Minority Access U.S Citizen or permanent resident, GPA of 3.0 or more, plus complete application with recommendatiosns. Spring  - December 15 
Summer  - March 1 
Fall  - July 15
Access to many opportunities for summer or semester internships. A
RISE at Rutgers Univ.
(Research Internships in Science & Engineering)
Minorities in Science and Engineering Visit web site for deadline posting. RISE is an undergraduate SUMMER research program to advance diversity in    science, math and engineering U
WISE U.S Citizen undergrads  in engineering
(or computer science).  WISE will also accept applications from  engineering grads who are beginning Masters level study in a  policy-related degree. 
Early December 10 weeks in Washington,  D.C. to learn how government officials make decisions on technological issues and how engineers can contribute to legislative and regulatory public policy decisions. A
RISE at U California U.S. citizens and permanent residents as well as UMCP international students. Materials Research area. Feb. 21   $3,500 for 10 weeks.
Free housing and travel cost.
More info.
Arecibo Observatory Undergrad Puertorrican Students Mid February 10 weeks, NAIC sponsored
RISE at U. of Maryland Women students of engineering and sciences.  U.S. citizens and permanent residents as well as UMCP international students.
Teams will conduct research from June 2, 2002 through July 26, 2002
Visit web site for deadline posting,
Usually in April.
8-week  program
20 students (Scholars) will be  part of five projects coordinated by female faculty in the Clark School of Engineering and the College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (CMPS).  Stipent is $3000
Raytheon Co.U Mostly looking for engineering and IT and some finance majors. None specified .Raytheon is focused on defense, government and commercial electronics and business aviation and special mission aircraft C
AT&T Form on the web. Offer undergraduate Research Program and the  regular summer intern positions. Also Co-op internships of six monthes. See also
Duration: usually 10 weeks starting in early June.
December 1 Salary,  travel expenses, and AT&T will arrange living accommodations at a nearby college for participants who want to make use of them. They'll also provide bus transportation.
EMC Full-time student, GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Must have unrestricted authorization to work in the U.S. Generally 3 months for summer or 3-6 months for co-op.  April 1  Mostly for Engineering students, 
finance and human resources.
Honeywell Usually last 12 weeks and includes a salary, travel expenses, corporate housing arrangements or a stipend, and limitless opportunities for learning! None specified  Aerospace, Auto, Truck, Electric and Hidraulic company C
None specified Aerospace, Auto, Truck, Electric and Hidraulic company C
None specified You can sign up to be automatically notified of new openings in  your area of interest or Submit a resume online. C
Microsoft Usually 10 weeks None specified Submit resume online  C
None specified Submit resume online
SUN Corporation
None specified Mostly looking for engineer students C
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
December of each year
Kodak U.S. citizen or permanent resident
Minimum 10-week work,
minimum GPA of 2.8
pass a drug screen
None specified Computer Technology, Engineering (most disciplines) Manufacturing Optics  Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Paper, Imaging) Business (Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Marketing, Sales) Mathematics/Statistics
* Also look at  and


Requisites: Underrepresented Minority undergraduate student nominated by faculty.
Description: Intends to prepare highly qualified students to eventually obtain a Ph.D's. in mathematics, natural science, and engineering. The programs provide with a small stipend, workshops on several topics such as Preparation for the GRE, and the opportunity to work for research. For a list of current participants go to
Web Page: At UPRM, there are programs in Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.
  WEB Page:
Requisites: Undergraduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UPR
Description: Undergraduate research program at the UPRM. Students work with faculty in research projects during one year, at the end of which the students present their work in an oral presentation before members of the industry partners, faculty and other students. Some students receive stipend, depending on the professor, and they all receive
  Description: Undergraduate research experience for Science, Engineering and Math (SEM) students in order to improve their preparation and motivation to continue graduate studies. The students work with a professor during a Semester or Summer session on a project related to their field of study. At the end of the period, the students obtain a stipend of $800. The professor obtains $200 for materials and there is also some money for traveling, to present the result of the work on conferences.
Requisites: All students enrolled in two-year or four-year colleges, or universities within the PR-AMP. The program is competitive, so students with a good GPA have higher chances of being accepted. Professor and student submit papers together. Deadline varies by semester.
Web Page:


Description: The student works in industry in a field related to his/her filed of study to gain experience and apply the theory learn in class. The student can choose from many companies within the island of Puerto Rico or abroad in the United States. The student receives course credit for this practice as well as salary from the industry. Every year, approximately 80% of the students obtain job offers from the company they worked for.
Requisites: Have approved 60 credits or more with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0.
WEB page from Rio Piedras Campus:
WEB page from Mayagüez Campus: and
  Educating Engineers for a Global Marketplace
WEB Page:


Description: Open to all UPR Engineering students, male or female. It organizes many professional activities for students such as technical workshops, seminars, field trips and some social and outreach activities such as the annual K-12 workshops. It's a great opportunity to network with other female engineering students and to develop you leadership skills.
WEB Page:
  Description: The IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 377,000 individual members in 150 countries. UPR has the 11th largest IEEE student chapter in the world. Open to Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering students, it organizes many professional activities for students such as workshops, seminars, and some social and outreach activities such as the annual K-12 open house called "Taller de Ingeniería". It's a great opportunity to network with other students and to develop you leadership skills. The Society has five other sub-chapters, each within the following areas: Computer, Communications, Power, and Electronics. When you subscribe you receive a monthly magazine, Spectrum and have access to thousands of technical abstract online. It is faster to subscribe online.
Web Pages:
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Control Systems Society
IEEE Power Electronics Society
IEEE Society
  Description: Tau Beta Pi is the largest engineering honor society in the world. It was founded in 1885 to recognize engineering students. Requisites include having a GPA of 3.0 or higher in any engineering major.
Web Page:
  Description: Student organization for Computer Engineering students. Some of their activities include the annual High School Challenge, a computer contest for various schools, and other social and technical events.
Web Page:
  Description: Open to all UPR Engineering students, male or female. It organizes many
Web Page:
  Description: SIEPR share the office with the IEEE student branch and collaborates with some of their activities, besides engaging in their own technical and social events.
Web Page:
  Description: Students from all Engineering departments are welcome to join this society. The SHPE sponsors an annual National Conference in which students have the opportunity to attend workshops, job fairs and network with other students from universities all over the United States.
Web Page:
  Description: Golden Key recognizes outstanding academic achievement without forgetting diversity and community service. Among its activities, you will find civic, social and tech
Web Page:
  Description: ASME student chapter holds open house for high school students, offers tutorships, technical and social activities for Mechanical Engineering students.
  Description: More societies for Mechanical Engineering Students
  Description: The world's largest scientific society, an organization with more than 163,000 members worldwide. The UPR student chapters hold technical and social activities throughout the year. Some benefits of membership include access to scientific abstract database and discount prices for over 40 chemical magazines.  To obtain information from the ACS on any topic go to
To subscribe to student branch: or

Other Societies with no Web Pages (inquire at your institution) :

Sociedad Americana de Quimica, Capitulo Estudiantil,  Facultad de Ciencias Naturales
American Medical Student Association | Asociación de Estudiantes de Ciencias de
Cómputos | Sociedad Eco-Ambiental | Juventud Unida para Proteger y Preservar el
Ambiente | Asociación de Estudiantes Graduados de Biología | Círculo de Matemáticas |
Capítulo Estudiantil de la Sociedad Americana de Química
Asociación Universitaria de Estudiantes de Enfermerí(AUEE) en UPR Humacao,

Biology Societies at UPR
Name of Association Contact email
Sociedad Honoraria de Biología, Tribeta, Contacto: Srta. Arianne Vicéns (Presidenta)
Asociación de Estudiantes de Biología, AEB, Contacto: Dr. Fernando Bird (Consejero)
Asociación de Estudiantes Graduados de Biología,  AEGB, Contacto: Sr. Luis J. Bosques Rodríguez (Presidente)
Círculo de Pre-Médicos CPM, Contacto: Srta. Soniris Rosas Padilla (Presidenta)
Sociedad de Estudiantes de Botánica,  SEBA, Contacto: Sra. Jeanine Vélez Gavilán (Consejera)
Sociedad Estudiantil de Microbiología Industrial,  SEMI, Contacto: Dr. Carlos Ríos Velásquez (Consejero)
MARC & SLOAN Oficina: C-104  Ext. 2451
Contacto: Mary L. Jiménez ó Dra. Mildred Chaparro
RETO-PROMISE Oficina: C-315  Ext. 3013
 Contacto: Brenda Soto
Biotecnología Oficina: C-208
 Contacto: Sra. Lizzie Muñiz ó Dra. Rosa Buxeda
Curso de SEM (BIOL 5045, Microscopía Electrónica de Rastreo) Para estudiantes de ciencia e ingeniería
 Contacto: Dra. Vivian Navas
American Society Cell Biology Minority opportunities ASCB, Contacto: Dra. Vivian Navas
2002 Undergraduate Research Programs
 Conferencia sobre oportunidades de investigación
Contacto: Dra. Vivian Navas



There are several outreach programs devoted to introduce science and engineering to K-12 grades that need university students to serve as ushers. Jobs vary from being a mentor, to giving lab demonstrations, talking about your experiences as an undergraduate or just show them around your campus. Some are volunteer jobs, while others provide with some remuneration. Among these are:

Description: Groups of elementary school girls are introduced to engineering. Many times the faculty in charge needs undergraduate students to help in the laboratory demonstrations and other activities.
For more information on EXITE, contact Dr. Sonia Bartolomei (
  Description: JETS is a national non-profit education
organization that has served the pre-college engineering community for over 50 years. Through competitions and programs, JETS serves over 30,000 students and 2,000 teachers, and holds programs on 150 college campuses each year. The program is sponsor by companies and agencies. Description: Students grades 4th through 12th experience science and engineering by actually doing hands-on science and engineering projects. Clubs are formed in each participating school and volunteer students work with the club after school for one hour one day a week. Competitions for creative design are performed among the school students.
More information on

Description: A couple of two-week sessions are held every summer at UPRM, each with 15 male and 15 female students with the objective of motivating participants to pursue a career in engineering. Volunteer undergraduate students serve as mentors and ushers in the programs' activities which include, seminars, creativity design competitions, field trips and others.
  WEB Page:
Requisites: University Students, High School Teachers from 7th to 11th grade.
Description: This program promotes the advance in scientific education and promotes non-traditional teaching tools and the integration of multidisciplinary fields. The UPR at Arecibo is the base place for this endeavor. Offers several types of workshops. ISMuL is the model for the science classroom of the future. Participants have access to a computer network, and several laboratories including a NASA aeronautics lab.
Application Form: Become a member at their web page
Deadline: no specific deadlines.

**If you know of any other activities, programs and/or societies that could be included in this collection,
please let us know.