Women in Science and Engineering

University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez boasts  a 39% women Engineering College!
"Imagine that your lawyer, your doctor, your priest, rabbi, or minister, your Senator and Representative, your
     mayor, the president of your institution, most of its trustees, almost all of the deans and most of your
     colleagues were all women. How would you feel? " Sandler, Bernice R., 1986

"Widespread acceptance of a stereotyping of scientists and engineers as
stolidly male from school to university level is likely to be
important. The dearth of senior women scientists in the
public arena means that girls have few role models with
whom to identify, and few female mentors to encourage them. "
Dr. Nancy Lane, Cambridge University, 1999
Engineering Degree and Career Guide
The resource answers some of the most-asked questions by students such as:
What level of degree do I need to be successful?
What jobs are available with an engineering degree?
What courses will I be taking as an engineering major?

Degree Portal

Some of my work on Women in Engineering - Sandra Cruz Pol, Ph. D.
1.Grad School Challenges Specific to Women(presentation by SLCP)
2.High Percentages of Women in Engineering at UPRM(paper by SLCP)
3.High Percentages of Women in Engineering at UPRM(presentation by SLCP)

Watch Trailer from the Documental: MissRepresentation
which explores reasons for such under-representation of women
in all fields and how to tackle this situation.

How derrogatory images in the Media are hurting society as a whole.

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Women in Science and Engineering
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