Research Projects

  1. "CRISP Type 2: Interdependent Electric and Cloud Services for Sustainable, Reliable, and Open Smart Grids." National Science Foundation (NSF), 2015-2018. $1,500,000

  2. “An Infrastructure for Wide-Area Large Scale Automated Information Processing” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2004-2009. $1,499,012

  3. “Digital Publishing Research Program” Hewlett-Packard 2004-2005, $450,000

  4. ” Enhancing High Performance Computing Research and Education at UPRM” Hewlett-Packard 2003-2004, $151,872

  5. “U.S.-Chile Workshop and Panning Visit: Towards Collaborative Research Activities between the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Chile” National Science Foundation (NSF), 2006-2007; $20,000.00

  6. “Utilizing High-Performance Computing to Investigate Performance and Sensitivity of an Inversion Model for Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing o Shallow Coral Ecosystems” NASA PRSGC/IDEAS-ER, $29,940. 2005-2006


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