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About ICDL
The Integrated Circuits Design Laboratory (ICDL) is located in Room 210B, Stefani Building in the UPRM campus.  The facility provides 800sq. ft. devoted to the tasks of designing and testing analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems.  The facility was established in 1999 with the sponsorship of Texas Instruments (TI) under the UPRM-TI Collaborative Program.  It provides 16 design workstations running industry-grade software tools for the design entry and design validation in bipolar and MOS technologies.  In addition the lab provides four testing stations with state-of-the- art test and measurement tools used by senior and graduate students, in advanced and graduate course projects in electronics as well as graduate research students for their projects.
About RASP
The main mission of the RASP Laboratory is to enable graduate students acquire the necessary training, skills, expertise, and capabilities to conduct academic and industrial research work in the field of rapid prototyping digital and mixed-signal electronic systems..
About ETC
The Electronics Testing & Characterization Laboratory is located in Room 114B of the Stefani building in the University of Puerto Rico. The facility provides 270 sq. ft. devoted to the task of designing and integration of test hardware and automation software. The lab was established in the summer of 2009 and was completed in the spring semester of 2010 with the major sponsorship of Texas Instruments (TI) and other contributers like Keithley Instruments. It currently provides 5 different workspaces for students working on projects in the area of Electronics Testing and Automation Design among others. The facility is equipped with a Probe Station for performing on wafer measurements, an oven for testing across different temperature ranges, two Keithley 2612 source measurement units, power supplies, pulse/pattern generator, a 600MHz LeCroy Wavesurfer and a digital multimeter; all of which are fully programmable. Details about the equipment in the lab can be found in the Resources section of this site.

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