The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has the task of performing teaching, research, and service activities to:

  • Prepare citizens from the entire socioeconomic spectrum so that they may have (1) excellent skills in the electrotechnology fields, computational fields, and related areas; (2) leadership and capacity for the continuous learning necessary to develop those skills; (3) social and environmental responsibility; and (4) appreciation of economic, esthetic, and cultural values that complete their formation.
  • Expand the frontiers of knowledge within the electrical and computer engineering fields and related areas.
  • Provide the benefits obtained via the teaching and research activities to the service of the academic community and Puerto Rico.


Our Vision

We will be recognized as the best electrical and computer engineering department in Latin America, the first source of hispanic electrical and computer engineers in the Puerto Rico and United States labor markets, and the only 5-year Bachelor’s degree program (not dual or multi-institutional) in the ambit of the United States.