CLiMMATE: Cloud Microwave Measurements of Atmosfheric Events




Here we present related publications (papers and presentations) to our goal of better understanding atmospheric phenomena through the use of radar, radiometers and other sensors. Successful implementation of DCAS systems will require fundamental breakthroughs in the following areas; design and fabrication of low-cost, multi-beam, solid-state radars; creation of a systems-based architecture to organize sensing, computing, and communications resources; development of two-way end-user interface that dynamically target system resources; deployment of integrative test beds to validate assumptions and understand emergent system behavior; implement cross-linked hierarchical data storage and processing; development of quantitative precipitation algorithms, and improved understanding of small-scale atmospheric processes.

The Papers and Presentations included in this site are from related work to the above mentioned areas.

CLiMMATE Laboratory is sponsored by NSF and NASA.

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