Course Groups:

Learning Heroes
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Carlos, Lisela

  • Lisela Martinez, Project Manager
  • Carlos Aviles

Project: Keyboard Hero


Keyboard Hero is an interactive portable learning system that allows visualizing which keys must be pressed on a keyboard directly from a MIDI file. There will be an LED for each keyboard key that will light up when the corresponding key must be pressed for a particular note. The portable device comes with an LCD screen that will allow the user to change between songs that are programmed into the device. The Keyboard Hero software running on the computer allows you to download any MIDI file from the repository into the device and will also serve as a MIDI editing, playing, and viewing software. To take full advantage of Keyboard Hero the user's keyboard must have 61 keys.

Microhope Technologies
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Axel, Josue, Wilfredo, Pedro

  • Axel Vigo, Project Manager
  • Pedro Franceschi
  • Josue Acevedo
  • Wilfredo Torres

Project: The Smart Health Station


The Smart Health Station is an all-in-one system that will measure a person's weight, height, body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. With this on hand, combined with other user-given data, the system will generate a beneficial health report that will calculate your health state, include health graphs over time and have personalized tips on improving a patient's health. The system also includes a software solution that will receive this health data and store it in a database where the information will be available to medical staff in a local area network (LAN).

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Miguel, Dario, Francis

  • Dario Miranda Capella, Project Manager
  • Francis J. Maldonado Gonzalez
  • Miguel A. Caban Ruiz

Project: PetCom: Complete Care System


PetCom is a monitoring and care system for pets. It includes a pet food dispenser capable of distinguishing between different pets and a pet collar equipped with a digital camera that will provide line-of-sight pictures of the pet's activities. These components will be integrated through a wireless network, and a main console will control their interactions and provide a web application for user interaction with the system.

Mobile Networks Systems (MoNSYS)
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Ramon, Edward, Samuel, Kelvin, Ismael

  • Ismael Roman, Project Manager
  • Ramon Gonzalez
  • Samuel Rivera
  • Edward Betancourt
  • Kelvin Cardona

Project: Mobile Unit for Videoconferencing Services (MUVS)


Nowadays, people are required to be in a specific environment setup to participate in a videoconference, resulting in an unattractive option for on-the-go business people. This existing gap between mobile solutions and advanced videoconferencing technologies motivates a combination of state-of-the-art technologies to solve this problem. Mobile Unit for Videoconferencing Services (MUVS) combines third generation (3G) mobile communication, a web camera, a computer-on-module (COM), microphone and speakers, and DLP Pico Projector technology in order to allow a user to start or join a videoconference anywhere, anytime. Features such as portability, low-cost, and ease-of-use are necessary to provide an efficient mobile videoconferencing service. In order to guarantee certain levels of reliability, MUVS will comply with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP). In addition, users will be able to exchange files anytime. The availability of such essential media resources at the palm of the hand, exalt the usability of this device and enhance the user experience in a wide range of applications.

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Ruben, Luis, Martin, Joel

  • Luis A. Luciano, Project Manager
  • Joel S. Badia
  • Martin Ramirez
  • Ruben J. Rios

Project: AIMS - Aisle Intrusive Marketing System


AIMS is a response to the current opportunity to modernize, upgrade and enhance brand exposition in megastores and supermarkets. Our system is not only a marketing tool but also a shopping experience enhancer to the end user. It reminds the user of what aisle she/he is in the store and where she/he can find products specified in their shopping lists, shows her/him current items on sale, and allows them to browse the store shopper electronically. The basic idea is to help the customer to identify the most suitable products for their interests and needs and to provide the manufacturers and marketers a tool to make their products more noticeable.

RUM Fun - "Fun for all ages"
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Jose, Ricardo, Yarilka, Arnaldo

  • Ricardo Luis Rivera Cruz, Project Manager
  • Jose Antonio Peguero Iguina
  • Yarilka N. Lopez Torres
  • Arnaldo Cosme Negron

Project: Skedio


There are several toys that are considered classics, the Etch-a-sketch being one of the most popular of these toys. Skedio is based on this classic toy. It includes the same interface that has been loved by kids for more than 50 years. Skedio is a digitalized version of the etch-a-sketch. It allows an artist to save his or her drawings and load them onto a computer . It also allows an artist to download images from a computer and use them as basis for his or her drawings. Skedio also includes a Facebook application to help share drawings. With this application anyone can easily show friends and family a Skedio masterpiece. The device can be plug to a television set to be able to draw in color. This product should be affordable to make it attractive for the parents and fun for the kids.

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Angel, Fernando, Yoileana, Adam, Giancarlo

  • Adam Hidalgo, Project Manager
  • Angel Morales
  • Fernando Diaz
  • Giancarlo Perez
  • Yoileana Jimenez

Project: Zoo-SMART


Zoo-Smart is a system aimed with towards the monitoring of the environment. Zoo-smart will help you keep better track of your habitat and if you so desire control your habitat for you. You will no longer live with the worry of your habitat not being monitored or controlled properly. This is aimed towards zoos and owners of animal habitats that need to be constantly monitored. The system is composed of a device and a software program which is used to view the results and change the configurations. The system will measure temperature, relative humidity, light, conductivity, and Ph. The system will also control temperature, humidity, and light. These are each a module that can be added to the system with the temperature measurement module being always included in the basic system.

wYZe Solutions
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Javier, Wilfredo

  • Wilfredo Cruz, Project Manager
  • Javier Espinosa

Project: Wireless Energy Meter


WEM is an energy monitoring system that allows its users to remotely measure the energy consumption of various electrical appliances by means of Zigbee enabled electronic devices and work as switches for said appliances. These devices send the energy consumption data to a remote controller that can store data gathered in a 24-hour period and displays it in an LCD screen. This information can be transferred to a computer through USB connectivity and with the use of our software, the user can view a more thorough statistical analysis of his/her energy consumption.

Avant Tech
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Roberto, Manuel, Charles

  • Manuel Martinez, Project Manager
  • Charles Rodriguez
  • Roberto Trinidad

Project: Training Kit for Boxers


In boxing, like any other sport, success comes from training hard. A boxer must train out to build his/her stamina, punching power, and punchin accuracy. Often, boxers try new training methods in order to deal with the adversary's boxing techniques. The problem with trying new training methods is that there is no precise way of measuring their effectiveness. Trainers and boxers are in need of an automated system that measures the efficiency of both the fighter and the training methods. As a solution the Training Kit for Boxers is a system that integrates a web based application with multiple devices that collect information of the training session using different kind of sensors.