Course Groups:


From left to right: Marvin Pouriet, Roberto Arias, Juan De Leon, and Ricardo Ayala.

  • Roberto A. Arias (PM)
  • Ricardo Ayala
  • Juan De Leon
  • Marvin Pouriet

Project: Emergency Helper App


The EmergencyHelperApp is an Android/iOS app that uses your GPS coordinates to give you the phone numbers of all the emergency response services nearest to your location, thus keeping you ready in case of any emergency! And if the emergency service response service also has our application, you will be able to send them your coordinates so they can find you as easily as possible!

Fossil Tech

From left to right: Adam Cancel, David Rivera, Alfonso Guzman, and Edgar Candelaria.

  • Alfonso E. Guzman (PM)
  • Adam Cancel
  • Edgar J. Candelaria
  • David J. Rivera

Project: Presagio


Presagio is a web service where a user can upload data and then request predictions based on said data. The user will be able to upload data and view a breakdown of the statistical models which will include their accuracy and performance. The 3 main advantages are: require less programming skills from the user, be a product accessible by web, and store none of the possibly sensitive information given to the system.

Ice Labs

From left to right: Adrian Ildefonso, Jose Oyola, Gustavo Serrano, Fernando Lopez, and Gabriel Cardona.

  • Adrian Ildefonso (PM)
  • Fernando R. Lopez
  • Jose R. Oyola
  • Gabriel Cardona
  • Gustavo Serrano

Project: ARCTIC


Since their inception today, integrated circuits (ICs) have been increasing in complexity. This has lead to an increased complexity in testing procedures required to ensure their proper functionality. In order to save time and money, test engineers must resort to using automated testers (ATEs) in order to perform all the required tests. These ATEs can cost betwee $300k and $3M, making it inaccessible to small universities or IC design startups. Our solution is ARCTIC, an Automated Reconfigurable Characterization Tester for Integrated Circuits. This system will test Analog ICs automatically by performing DC Sweeps, AC Sweeps and transient analyses. Our approach will sacrifice some accuracy in measurements in exchange for a drastic reduction in cost; our goal is to set the price at $2,500. The functionality and price tag of ARCTIC will make it not only accessible but also alluring to universities and small companies working in the IC design field.

Signal Shield

From left to right: Arturo Torres, Felix Cortes, and Jan Salomon.

  • Arturo Torres (PM)
  • Felix Cortes
  • Jan Salomon

Project: GSM Jammer


Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives, but as all technological advances it is prone to misuse. Team SignalShield proposes a small-scale GSM Jammer for businesses that require silence or costumers' attention to give control over their own business environment. Small, compact, wide range and easy to use, the device will block GSM-850 and PCS-1900 by sending out white noise in the desired frequencies to block the downlink from the base station to the mobile phone.

Team Aguacate

From left to right: Daniel Santiago, Nelian Colon, and Samuel Rodriguez.

  • Nelian E. Colon (PM)
  • Samuel A. Rodriguez
  • Daniel A. Santiago

Project: Panda Code Reviews


Panda Code Reviews will be a free cloud application for reviewing and grading students’ code for computer science assignments. Professors will be able to create any kind of assignment and design test cases that can be automatically executed by Panda at the moment when a student submits his/her code. Panda will also grade coding style automatically, but the grade is not posted until the grader approves, so the grade can be overwritten if desired.

Vitulus Tech

From left to right: Gabriel Toledo, Carlos Gonzalez, Norberto Molina, and Dennis Negron.

  • Norberto Molina (PM)
  • Dennis Negron
  • Gabriel Toledo
  • Carlos J. Gonzalez

Project: V-Feeder


V-Feeder is designed to aid cattle farmers in the breeding of newborn calves by helping with the storage and dispensing of food and water. This product can also help reduce calf deaths through early detection and help cattle farmers manage their resources more efficiently.

Cyamed Engineering

From left to right: Cindy Perez and Fernando Valverde.

  • Cindy L. Perez(PM)
  • Fernando Valverde
  • Miguel A. Bustelo

Project: Automated Drug Prescriptions Dispenser for Pharmacies


Many community pharmacies throughout Puerto Rico experience prolonged medication dispatching times, resulting in unsatisfied customers, because they do not have the physical or human resources needed to make the prescriptions dispatching process a faster and more effective one. Cyamed Engineering is designing an automated drug prescriptions dispenser that can be used by pharmacies and other medical facilities to dispatch patient medications with minimal human intervention. This automated dispenser will provide pharmacy technicians with a mechanism to load each of the patients' medications within a prescription in an individual compartment. Also, the dispenser will serve as a secure point-of-sale (POS) terminal where customers can identify themselves with the machine through a user interface and then select the medications that they wish to purchase. All of the mechanical, hardware, and software aspects of the dispenser will communicate in such a way that the designed control system will be able to safely dispatch each medication in much less time than it would take to do through the conventional pharmacy dispatch services.

Bulldog Technologies

From left to right: Rafael Ramos, Robertson Céspedes, Nylmar Rivera, Juan Ramos, and Dwight Casañas.

  • Juan Ramos(PM)
  • Dwight Casañas
  • Nylmar Rivera
  • Rafael Ramos
  • Robertson Céspedes

Project: Oasis


Oasis is an automated drink dispenser. The problem is that bar and restaurant owners are not usually on their businesses all the time, this leads to the need of controlling and monitoring inventory in order to optimize the use of materials; time and accuracy are needed to improve sales. Oasis combines the best features of existing products in the market while allowing clients to order and pay drinks through a mobile application in an easier, faster and more efficient way, while also keeping records and statistics of sales. Our inventory management system will provide information to owners to improve business decision making.