Capstone Groups:

Bits & Bytes

    From left to right: Mario Orbegoso, Gil Reyes, Graciany A. Lebron Rodriguez (PM)

  • Graciany A. Lebron R. (PM)
  • Gil J. Reyes Melendez
  • Mario Orbegoso Villanueva

My Tax

MyTax is an android app that will allow E-Taxes and their third-party tax preparers a way to improve their services and provide them remotely to taxpayers. These taxpayers will be able to share documents, communicate, and pay a tax preparer to complete their income tax returns in a consistent manner. With this mobile application, E-Taxes aims to reach, capture, and maintain new clients.

Dino Tech

    From left to right: Christian J. Lorenzo, Cyd M. Rivera (PM), Yorki G. Serrano

  • Cyd M. Rivera (PM)
  • Yorki G. Serrano
  • Christian J. Lorenzo


Given that the ECE department on UPRM does not provide an easy and accessible guide the students can follow to plan their curriculum effectively, a great portion of its students are misinformed about their curriculum. This can result on students not knowing the curriculum’s critical path, courses requisites or co-requisites, which can delay their graduation date and contributes to the decreasement of the department’s graduation rate. Dino Tech aims to tackle this problem by developing a web-based guide with a minimalistic design that will provide the student with information such as: course description, course pre-requisites, courses co-requisites, critical path and visibility to the courses that he/she may take based on the courses already approved. This project is only the first step to a larger goal. It will be implemented on the ICOM and INEL department with the purpose of implementing on other departments in the future.


    From left to right: Daniel Rodriguez, Juan C. Cabrera (PM) and Tamara Gonzalez

  • Juan C. Cabrera (PM)
  • Tamara Gonzalez
  • Daniel Rodriguez

Edvo Services

Edvo Services is a web application developed for Edvo Tech to improve Puerto Rican teachers' accessibility to professional development. It provides a platform which allows teachers to learn from coaches about new teaching strategies, time management, edu-tourism and the integration of technology into their classrooms. It also allows them to track their learning progress while using the application so they can generate relevant data for evaluations of their professional development.


    From left to right: Luis Irizarry, Carlos Rivera (Project Manager), Maday Cartagena, Orlando Alverio, Alejandra Santiago, Ammerys Vázquez, Joshua Mercado Olivera

  • Carlos Rivera (PM)
  • Luis Irrizarry
  • Maday Cartagena
  • Orlando Alverio
  • Alejandra Santiago
  • Ammerys Vazquez
  • Joshua Mercado Olivera

Development of a X-Bar Based Syntax Analysis Library for Detecting Syntactic Ambiguity

The Forest natural language processing library aims to develop a new parsing algorithm that detects syntactic ambiguity for declarative sentences in English. The main objective is to provide generic functionality that can be implemented in application specific softwares regarding language related tasks.This library will perform syntax analysis operations and it’s scalable design will make it a building block for future work in natural language processing.


    From left to right: Fernando L. Ortiz Alicea, Neysha M. Matos Torres, Jan A. Robles Berríos, Jesús A. Sánchez Pérez (PM)

  • Jesús A. Sánchez P. (PM)
  • Neysha M. Matos Torres
  • Jan A. Robles Berríos


Project HydrAc’s consists of a small scale, fully functional, modular embedded system prototype capable of locating the relative angle and distance of an underwater pinger in the frequency band of 25KHz to 40KHz. Our client is Fernando Ortiz, Architecture Team leader from RUMarino. Other components of this system include a C-language software library to allow communication with the distance and angle functions, and a user guide to understand our system. Our system must also meet the following list of requirements: fitting in a space no larger than 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and 2 inches tall; not consuming more than 13W of power, not weighing ¬more than 44lbs, capable of integrating with Arduino MEGA through a serial port, and, the reaction time of HydrAc must be no more than 10 seconds to be considered real-time.

MGJ Software

    From left to right: Mikael J. Del Valle Rodríguez (PM), Geraldo G. López Rosa, Joel Torres Rodríguez.

  • Mikael J. Del Valle R. (PM)
  • Joel Torres Rodríguez
  • Geraldo G. López Rosa


TPOS is a sales management and administration system for Restaurant Tarugos Pizza in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The system is composed of three main components: a Point of Sales application, a customer mobile application to order online, and an administration application for Tarugos’ owners to manage the business. This system provides a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that includes functionalities such as order, inventory, employee, report, and user management.

Techno Capabilities: Improving Life with Technologies

    From left to right: Sujeily P. Fonseca González (PM), Joeshua Diaz Gonzalez, Gilissa M. Matos Hernández

  • Sujeily P. Fonseca G.(PM)
  • Gilissa M. Matos Hernández
  • Joeshua Diaz Gonzalez

Hands-Free Intraoral Electrolarynx

There are several health conditions that require medicine doctors to perform procedures, such as tracheotomy or laryngectomy, which render unusable a patient's vocal cords. Often, such procedures could involve loss of movement or physical restriction of his/her limbs. Due to this, some patients cannot speak nor operate a typical electrolarynx by their own. Many times, an external electrolarynx cannot be used due to the presence of the tracheotomy tube. This can be a risky situation, because if there are any emergencies and the patient is alone, he/she cannot ask for help. The device to be designed addresses the presented problem by delivering a Hands-Free Intraoral Electrolarynx, serving as an alternate communication system. This non-invasive portable device will contain a pressure sensor that, by light suction, can activate or deactivate (turn on/off) the device. However, this mechanism could be adapted to accommodate the user's capabilities. Patients with the mentioned conditions will be provided with the ability to communicate independently whenever they need.


    From left to right: Ivan J. Miranda Marrero (PM), Keila E. Hernandez, Paul A. Abad.

  • Ivan J. Miranda Marrero(PM)
  • Keila E. Hernandez
  • Paul A. Abad


The Engineering Cooperative Education Program (COOP) is an educational program that helps students explore their career interests by providing them the opportunity of obtaining a job experience related to their field of study. The COOP enrollment process in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) is time-consuming for the administrative personnel. Manually filling and managing all required documents makes it difficult for our client Ellen Rios, the COOP Program Director, to control the student’s submission documents; to generate yearly statistics regarding COOP participation; and to deliver students' resumes to company recruiters. The time spent performing these tasks could be used in outreach activities, such as: resume and interview workshops, program marketing, among others. COOPortal aims to reduce or eiminate this time consumption by digitalizing data and processes into a web portal for all stakeholders.

E&C Solutions

    From left to right: Carlos Rodriguez, Emmanuel Ramos (PM)

  • Emmanuel Ramos(PM)
  • Carlos Rodriguez

PR Design Network 2.0

PR Design Network is a web platform for bussineses and individuals to search, share and offer products or services. Providing aide in the process of designing, manufacturing and promoting projects in Puerto Rico.