Capstone Groups:


    From left to right: Jaime Cortes, Gustavo Marrero, Luis Perez

  • Gustavo Marrero(PM)
  • Jaime Cortes
  • Luis Perez

Artemius Sells

Artemius Sells is an ecommerce web application that enables the merchant to list and sell their products online directly to their customers. The application will include a responsive web design that automatically adjusts the view to fit the screen size of devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Additionally, Artemius Sells will have the capability of processing a customer's payment within the application and notify both the merchant and buyer of the status of the transaction.

Bot Logics

    From left to right: Abdiel F. Vega Ramos, Kevin Santiago Ortíz, Ariana Quiñones Natal, Hidalgo Pomales Delgado (PM)

  • Hidalgo Pomales Delgado(PM)
  • Ariana Quiñones Natal
  • Kevin Santiago Ortíz
  • Abdiel F. Vega Ramos


Bot Logics team will develop a new cost effective ruled-based system that will determine the weather from an input location of United States of America with a real-time response. To do so, the system will keep the number of calls to the Yahoo Weather API below 2,000 every 24 hours. It will predict which locations will be potentially requested in order to update its weather data more frequently. The weather data will be stored in an online system for fast access. Furthermore, the system will provide a secure communication between BrainHi’s system and Bot Logics’ system.

GANE Software

    From left to right: Nelson Martinez, Angélica Santiago, Gretchen Bonilla, and Eduardo L. Pérez

  • Eduardo L. Pérez (PM)
  • Angélica Santiago (Co-PM))
  • Gretchen Bonilla
  • Nelson Martinez

Play & Learn

Play & Learn is a mobile application with the goal to serve as a motivator for students to learn and study class material through the use of mini games. The mini games will serve as an engaging method to review their class material in their offtime. The leaderboard will create competition between classmates to continue playing for a higher spot and thus continually review the subject. This is meant to increase academic achievement in students by providing a more motivating reason to continuously review class relevant material. Lectures will allow the students to review important information relative to their current class topic. The included attendance mechanism will also add the time usually spent on roll call into actual class time providing a greater amount of available contact time between teacher and students.

KLC Tech Solutions

    From left to right: Coralis Camacho, Luis Santiago, and Karla Valcárcel

  • Luis E Santiago Hernández (PM)
  • Karla Valcárcel Martínez
  • Coralis Camacho Rodríguez


eCSP is a free web application developed for the client Dr. Ismael Segarra to improve the efficiency of his consultation. It includes a digital file system of medical records where patients will be allowed to upload and download documents to and from their records for the doctor to keep track of medical history before attending the patient. This way the entire consultation time is focused on the treatment of the disease and with this, we define time efficiency. For this service, there is no need to pay a membership, making the product cost-efficient for the client and his patients.


    From left to right: Fernando L. Ortiz Alicea, Jose A. Montes Perez, Giovanni Gardon Drevon, and Pedro J. Fernandes Narvaez

  • Jose A. Montes Perez (PM)
  • Fernando L. Ortiz Alicea
  • Giovanni Gardon Drevon
  • Pedro J. Fernandes Narvaez


Robot localization in an environment is a hard task to achieve. However, what if the robot could learn to localize itself for you? This is what the LoNav Team is trying to achieve by creating a mobile robotic system that will learn to estimate how much it has moved from its origin. We are doing so to aid Team Rumarino’s development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

NetStorm Solutions

    From left to right: Steven, Jan & Jonnattan.

  • Jan M. Vázquez-Rodríguez(PM)
  • Jonnattan Montes Ríos
  • Steven Rodríguez Rodríguez

WInDS (Workplace Integration & Data System)

WInDS is a cue management web application developed for the E-Tax company in Puerto Rico designed to optimize day-to-day operations including client registration, waiting list maintenance, employee performance reporting and logistics.

Otter Games

    From left to right: Josue Albarran (PM), Natalia Benitez, Andres Aleman.

  • Josue Albarran(PM)
  • Natalia Benitez
  • Andres Aleman

EcoPrograma con Coralina

EcoPrograma con Coralina is a short duration educational game for the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias de Puerto Rico based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts where children from ages 8 to 14 years old can develop their algorithmic thinking and arithmetic skills through a game that promotes recycling as a means of protecting the environment.


    From left to right: Christian Sintes, Jesiely Martínez, and Edgardo Acosta.

  • Jesiely Martínez(PM)
  • Edgardo Acosta
  • Christian Sintes

Huella Sin Fronteras Business Incubator

"Huella Sin Fronteras" is a web page for Huella Colegial, Inc., that is a business incubator. New entrepreneurs can sell their products through the marketplace and users can participate in the forum discussing their business ideas and another topics of interest.

TODO: Team Name

    From left to right: Cristian Velez.

  • Cristian Velez(PM)

Scheduling and Operations Optimization Tool (SOOT)

SOOT is a web application designed for patients, medical office administrators and doctors. It provides a tool to manage and accelerate the medical appointment process, locate specific doctors, and provide analytics on clinic statistics.