Capstone Groups:


    From left to right: Jonathan Flechas, Jose Rodriguez (PM), Jean Merced, Josue Castro

  • Jose Rodriguez (PM)
  • Jonathan Flechas
  • Jean Merced
  • Josue Castro

Inventory Cart Tracking System

Medtronic manufacturing management is facing challenges within the inventory cart handling. Occasionally, personnel fail to comply with established manufacturing processes, which leads errors and discrepancy in the unit's location. This uncertainty of locations causes loss of money, assembly materials, and time for the company. This project consists on creating a tracking system to help locate the inventory carts in real time to reduce the losses of the company due to inventory location problems.

Alpha Code

    From left to right: Diego Amador, Brian Rodriguez (PM), Kensy Bernadeau, Jonathan Santiago

  • Brian Rodriguez (PM)
  • Diego Amador
  • Jonathan Santiago
  • Kensy Bernadeau


InTheNou is a mobile application for UPRM students that provides four key services: an event creation feature; an event feed; an event recommendation service based on the student's interests, schedules, and location; and a searcheable information system for UPRM services and facilities.


    From left to right: Jose E. Fontanez Rivera (PM), Bernardo Jr. Sein Acevedo

  • Jose Frontanez Rivera (PM)
  • Bernardo Jr. Sein Acevedo


rumGuide consists of creating a mobile application for use in the UPRM. Our application will be focused on Android phones. This app would help its users with indoor navigation on UPRM buildings. rumGuide would behave in a similar manner on which google maps and Waze work, but our focus would be to bring indoor information on the user's location within the building. Information such as locations for bathroom,stairs,elevator and ramps relative to the users floor position. The user can select or search where it would like to go and a route would be displayed on the app, indicating the user the correct and shortest path to follow.


    From left to right: Yomar Ruiz, Alberto Canela, Roberto Y. Guzman (PM), Alejandro Vasquez, Jainel Torres

  • Roberto Y. Guzman (PM)
  • Jainel Torres
  • Alberto Canela
  • Alejandro Vasquez
  • Yomar Ruiz


The Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainability Education Undergraduate Program (RISE-UP) is a collaborative effort from three UPR campuses (Ponce, Mayaguez and Rio Piedras) to tackle the lack of interdisciplinarity that STEM students have within the UPR system. For the program to succeed, they require a tool that allows the program's students to consolidate and publish case studies related to infrastructure damages that themselves create so that they, and public entities, can evaluate the case studies and develop solutions to the problems presented. RISE-UP ties to the issue that Puerto Rico doesn't have a focal point of information where public and government agencies can search to have a deep background before developing new infrastructure solutions. To solve the previous problems, the Interdisciplinary Research Network Extension (IReNE) is a web application that allows students from RISE-UP to upload, modify and search for relevant case studies as well as generate visualization models based on the available data. Our solution aims to be a medium in which students and public entities can seek and visualize information and, based on the problems presented on the case studies, generate possible solutions to create resilient infrastructures that can resist natural disasters.


    From left to right: Onix Tarrats Calderon, Pedro L. Rivera Gomez, Luis F. Ruelas Lisboa, Herbert Perez Aviles (PM)

  • Herbert Perez Aviles (PM)
  • Onix Tarrats Calderon
  • Pedro L. Rivera Gomez
  • Luis F. Ruelas Lisboa

Huella Deportiva Web

Huella Deportiva Web is a Sports Communication System that allows Huella Deportiva's administrators to upload UPRM sports related content into a central platform, which will then be accesible to the public via a client website. Users will have access to content such as games schedules, player and team statistics, teams and rosters, play-by-play information, news, and highlights. Huella Deportiva Web aims to provide centralized access to official UPRM sports related information for the public and athletes.


    From left to right: Cristian F. Torres Collazo (PM), Alejandro Reyes Alvarado, Christian Perez Villanueva, Luis A. Rivera Marquez

  • Cristian F. Torres Collazo (PM)
  • Alejandro Reyes Alvarado
  • Christian Perez Villanueva
  • Luis A. Rivera Marquez


T4Loans is a web based Loan Management System which lets the user visualize their clients' data faster and effectively. Based on given data, T4Loans will generate amortization tables and allow the user to create reports respectively. Finally, it will help the user keep track of their clients by a including notification module regarding critical states of their loans.


    From left to right: Joshua A. Bonilla Betancourt, Carlos A. Lopez Zayas (PM), Dariel J. Ramos Rosa

  • Carlos A. Lopez Zayas (PM)
  • Joshua A. Bonilla Betancourt
  • Dariel J. Ramos Rosa


MM2GO is a web application designed to allow all members of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez to order food from the campus' cafeteria, Mama Mia and receive it within the campus through their delivery system. The application seeks to update their current system, dependent on a single phone and taking orders by hand, and updating it to a digital one capable of parallel orders and transactions.