CIIC8996: Doctoral Seminar


Study and dissemination of current research topics in sciences and engineering of information and computing. Each student will select a research topic for which he/she will make a formal and public presentation.

Schedule Fall 2017

Schedule Fall 2016

  • Aug 22: Introduction
  • Sep 19: Brain computer interface design - Dr. Vidya Manian
  • Sep 26: Twitter Health Surveillance - Dr. Manuel Rodriguez-Martinez
  • Oct 6: intellectual Property - Josiah Hernandez (UPRM-OPITT)
  • Oct 17: Starting a Software Company in Puerto Rico: Some Do's and Dont's - Dr. Bienvenido Velez
  • Oct 24: Integrating ARM Devices into Cloud Infrastructure - Dr. Emmanuel Arzuaga
  • Nov 14: Advances in computing for Big Data and Data Science - Dr. Edgar Acuna
  • Nov 21: Using optical imaging data for the treatment of diseases - Dr. Heidy Sierra

Schedule Spring 2016

Schedule Fall 2015

Schedule Spring 2015