Capstone Groups:

Cobito Code

    From left to right: Melvin J. Malave Sanchez, Gustavo A. Reyes Carrion (PM), Elnois Norat Ortiz, Victor J. Perez Figueroa

  • Gustavo A. Reyes (PM)
  • Elnois Norat Ortiz
  • Melvin Malave Sanchez
  • Victor Perez Figueroa


The Interdisciplinary Research Network (IReN), is an educational tool created to help consolidate case studies examining the multi-faceted infrastructure damages caused by natural disasters in Puerto Rico. IReN is a web application that will allow multi-disciplinary UPR students to collaboratively upload, modify, and search for relevant case studies. The aim of this tool is to help educate users on how to create and rebuild resilient infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters.


    From left to right: Abdias Santiago Lugo, Israel J. Lopez Toledo, Jean O. Candelaria Pagan (PM), Javier Ramirez Zayas, Dr. Christopher Papadopoulos

  • Jean Candelaria Pagan (PM)
  • Javier Ramirez Zayas
  • Israel J. Lopez
  • Abdias Santiago Lugo


Sprout is an application that utilizes image processing techniques to study bamboo's structural integrity by determining its fiber density. The app will make dimensional measurements based on a scanned bamboo cross-section and count the number of fibers to determine the fiber density and distribution of the sample. Results will be presented in a tabular format and visualized through graphs. Sprout aims to facilitate studying and characterizing bamboo by providing an open-source, free-to-use Windows 10 application.


    From left to right: Alejandra Casanova Sepulveda, Lianne Sanchez Rodriguez, Raul Cedres De Jesus (PM), Christopher Maysonet Delgado

  • Raul Cedres De Jesus (PM)
  • Lianne Sanchez Rodriguez
  • Alejandra Casanova Sepulveda
  • Christopher Maysonet Delgado

Mortgage Mate

Mortgage Mate is a mobile system that offers homeowner with a mortgage an automated solution to help them pay their mortgages faster while saving money from interest charged. Since it is an automated solution, the users are not required to invest time on personally going to the bank and making the payments themselves. Using a micro-investing strategy, Mortgage Mate will direct the users' digital pocket towards the principal of their mortgage as an extra payment. The application allows its users to connect as many debit/credit cards as they want and collects the spare change for every purchase made by them. In addition, the application offers visualization of the mortgage progress, allowing users without financial knowledge understand the impact of the extra payments on their mortgages.

Team StatBot

    From left to right: Ricardo Casares (PM), Nicole Matos, Crystal Torres, Jahannie Torres, Jan Robles, Edwin Torres, David Ruiz.

  • Ricardo Casares (PM)
  • Nicole Matos
  • Crystal Torres
  • Jahannie Torres


Puerto Rico Status ChatBot (PRSCB) is a website widget that will help users obtain important statistical information provided by the government agencies in an improved manner. Obtaining information from government agencies is a tedious process that usually results in frustration and receiving the incorrect information. PRSCB will mitigate this by automating the process to a chatbot that will search for the information a user wants in a collective database of all government agencies.