Course Groups:

S&C Engineering Solutions
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Jessica, Jose, David, Abdiel

  • Jessica L. Perez, Project Manager
  • David Couvertier
  • Abdiel Franco
  • Jose R. Llera

Project: eRecorder Flute


The eRecorder Flute is a wind controller for self-paced learning. Taking advantage of wind sensor technology and MIDI the product will produce recorder flute sounds electronically in order to allow users to practice this instrument without disturbing their surroundings, as the volume will be variable, with optional use of headphones. It will include a portable device to allow note feedback, as well as musical piece recording and playback. A GUI application will be included in order allow users to practice with layouts that reflect their levels of expertise. Likewise, MIDI songs may be downloaded from the application, or have one's own compositions uploaded and converted to MIDI format.

RARE Mobile Solutions
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Elvin, Ricardo, Andres, Roberto

  • Elvin Gonzalez, Project Manager
  • Ricardo A. Santana-Muniz
  • Andres Arocho-Quinonesz
  • Roberto Ramos-Ortiz

Project: RARE Mobile Solutions


We propose an electronic device that monitors and stores the driver's activities and sends the data back to the main office so they can keep track of each truck driver. The device will connect via 3G or Wi-Fi when available to the specialized software used with the system. The information will arrive at the main office at the supervisor's desktop. This information will include running time, stop time, sleeping time and the hours of each activity. Through the IP address of the received data, an approximation of the area where the truck is will also be available.

ToF Tech
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Giancarlo, Gloria, Jorge

  • Giancarlo Perez, Project Manager
  • Gloria Pizzitola
  • Jorge Diaz

Project: Touch & Learn E-Tab


The Touch & Learn E-Tab is a handheld electronic educational device to be used in preschool institutes as a learning tool. This device consists of a color Touch Screen LCD that will provide the child with vivid colors and visuals to keep the child interested in the learning process. It will also allow the child to interact physically with the device with their fingers, for a more tactile experience. The Touch & Learn E-Tab will provide the child with audio instructions, questions and/or responses. It will provide exercises in the common basic areas such as math, shapes, colors and comparisons. This product includes a Windows application that gives the teacher the flexibility to create other related exercises and manage the results acquired by the device. It also provides a web page to allow the parents to view their child's results. The Touch & Learn E-Tab uses the three different learning styles that consist of visual, audio or tactile/kinesthetic to offer an ideal learning environment for the child.

DFC Technologies
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Danyz, Fernando, Carlos

  • Fernando A. Cuadrado, Project Manager
  • Danyz Estevez
  • Carlos Colon

Project: ParkWatch


The system allows a police officer or employee to keep track of the time cars have spent in public parking spaces of urban areas by using various sensors integrated in parking meters and sending the information gathered by them to a handheld device. These parking meters form a wireless mesh network that communicates to a server. This server contains a database of all the available parking spaces and an application that manages the information gathered by the network. The handheld device receives a notification from the server when a specific parking meter has expired, allowing the officer to directly intervene in the situation (writing a parking ticket for the infraction). First, when a person parks the car, the parking meter detects it and waits for payment, the person deposits money and depending on the amount a certain period of time is allocated (e.g. 2 hours). The parking meter then communicates with the server and indicates that the parking space will be occupied for that amount of time. The server is responsible for keeping track of the time that a parking space should be occupied. When a parking meter expires the server sends a notification to the handheld device indicating the police officer where to issue a sanction. The application running on the server will also be capable of generating reports regarding parking usage and revenue on a periodical basis. In addition, the parking meter modules will have a mechanism of alarm in case malicious individuals try to tamper or vandalize the device.

Guarding Angels
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Michelle, Marines, Vimaliz

  • Vimaliz Montes Mendez, Project Manager
  • Marines Chaparro Acevedo
  • Michelle Almodovar Velez

Project: Baby Care


Baby Care System is a complete system which aims to aid in the care of an infant to hearing impaired parents and the prevention of SIDS. It includes ambient humidity and temperature sensors, besides a crying detector and a device to detect if the infant is sleeping on his abdomen. The parents will be provided with a remote device, which will alarm them if something unusual is happening to the infant, while a soothing system will be activated at the crib. Moreover, Baby Care System will let them record the last time their baby is asleep, fed, changed or has taken medicine in a console located in the infant's room.

Fast Service Group
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Juan, Angel, Fernando

  • Fernando Diaz Montes, Project Manager
  • Juan Vazquez
  • Angel M. Morales

Project: Tarzan Tracker


Fast Service Group creates a system to improve UPRM collective transportation functionality. The system uses GPS and Wi-Fi technology to track trolleys inside campus wireless network. Tarzan Tracker gives users, and administration a friendly GUI with valuable information of routes/vehicles which includes maps with current location, and reports for improving management. This product provides information about next stop for pedestrians using vehicles, and wait time for pedestrians waiting at designated stop stations.

Innovative Engineering Systems
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Guillermo, Jorge, Sahray, Javier, Rogelio

  • Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Project Manager
  • Sahray Gambaro-Perazza
  • Javier L. Matias-Cabrera
  • Guillermo Mattei-Salicrup
  • Jorge Merced-Goire

Project: SASHA


SASHA: the Smart Automation System for Hydroponic Administration is a cost-effective and simple management solution for hydroponic farms. SASHA automates the process of monitoring the various environmental parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of the water and provides means to correct them by adding the necessary nutrients that ensure growth conditions necessary for optimal production. SASHA also features a web graphical interface that enables the user to access historical data, monitor the culture status and configure the system's behavior from a remote location.

Embedded Resonance
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Ivan, Aldo, Edwin, Yaisiel

  • Aldo Briano, Project Manager
  • Ivan Avila
  • Yaisiel Torres
  • Edwin Vazquez

Project: CUBE: Midi Controller and Audio/Light Synchronization System


CUBE is an innovative wireless DJ MIDI controller combined with a hardware music visualizer. It is not meant to replace commercial DJ controllers, but become an additional interface to complement their performance with specialized knobs, pads, and lights. CUBE will contain the following MIDI assignable controls: 8 trigger pads for playing sampled loops/instruments, 5 rotary encoder knobs, and a 2 axis rotational sensor. Additionally, it will produce visual feedback through light patterns triggered by music. This device is intended for DJ performances and enhancing the visual esthetics of parties, without sacrificing portability and end-user convenience.

Industrial Control Systems
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Arnaldo, Adam

  • Arnaldo Rivera, Project Manager
  • Adam Hidalgo

Project: Industrial Fuel Dispensing Control System


Industrial Fuel Dispensing Control System is a system capable of controlling and dispensing fuel products in industrial environments. The entire system is composed of a computer functioning as the brain and smaller modules connected to the pumps as terminals. The system is capable of handling several dispensing units independently of their location. It has modules that can be integrated with currently available dispensers. It has a web site which provides powerful reporting tools, user account control with privileges, data export utilities making it easy to integrate with other software or hardware products.