Workshop staff involved in this project has been instrumental in achieving MEEP goals at the three partner institutions. They are:

John S. Lamancusa, from PSU.
Dr. Lamancusa is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at PSU and has been working in developing design courses with industrial participation. Currently he coordinates the Learning Factory facilities at PSU.

Jens E. Jorgensen, from UW
Dr. Jorgensen is Professor of Mechanical Engineering with an extensive teaching, research and industrial experience. He worked in the Excel Coalition and has been developing courses in design and manufacturing with industrial participation. He is the coordinator of the Learning Factory facilities at UW-Seattle.

José L. Zayas-Castro, from UPRM
Dr. Zayas directs the Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing and the Center for the Advancement of Interdisciplinary Education at UPRM. He is Professor of Industrial Engineering, coordinates the Learning Factory Program and was formerly Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research in the College of Engineering at UPRM.

Jorge I. Vélez-Arocho, from UPRM
Dr. Vélez is Co-Director for the Center of Hemispheric Collaboration, is Professor and former Dean of the College of Business Administration. He participates very actively in interdisciplinary educational endeavors at UPRM and has extensive experience coordinating and facilitating workshops, both nationally, and internationally.

Miguel A. Torres, from UPRM
Dr. Miguel A. Torres (Ph.D., MIT, ’93) specializes in system dynamics and control of mechanical and electromechanical systems. He works extensively with industry and students on research projects in a variety of areas. His research focuses on the design and development of state-of-the-art automation systems, machine design, data acquisition systems, and mass-production processes and systems. Dr. Torres is the founder and coordinator the Continuous Improvement Center, a center dedicated to the design and implementation of a continuous assessment process for the ME undergraduate program that complies with ABET 2000 accreditation criteria. Dr. Torres leads the curriculum revision process at the ME department, and is a Learning Factory founder and workshop leader. As president and owner of Vector Corporation, Dr. Torres works regularly with industry as a consultant and as a forensic engineer.

Lueny Morell, from UPRM
Prof. Morell has led major educational reform efforts that spread from reform in the classroom to her current role as coordinator of Institutional Research for the UPR system. She led MEEP's project curriculum development at UPRM and the overall project outcomes assessment strategy. She is also Director of PR-AMP's Curriculum Innovation Center.

Lamancusa, Jorgensen and Zayas were MEEP project's PI's.

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