The Learning Fatory Workshop is designed with the purpose of extending and disseminating the Learning Factory program to other universities and institutions. The goal is to share the Learning Factory Program in all of its aspects and provide a means to help faculty adopt and adapt it at their institutions. In so doing, we will help engineering faculty design and implement strategies at their institutions to comply with ABET 2000 requirements.

Basically, this workshop will go through the following steps in education reform: from the establishment of educational objectives to planning (resources, timetable, responsibilities) to curriculum development (courses, integrated laboratory facilities, industry collaboration), and finally to outcomes assessment (designing the assessment strategy, conducting assessment, assessment tools design, reporting and feedback.


The workshop is designed for 25-40 participants. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to presenting a general overview of the Learning Factory Program and the process of developing an outcomes-based curriculum. It also presents the Learning Factory Program as a strategy to comply with ABET 2000 Criteria. The second part will be devoted to describing the curriculum, courses, integrated laboratory facilities and industry advisory board. The third part will address assessment strategies to evaluate student learning outcomes and program goals. The workshop presentation strategy will be as follows: After a short presentation, teams of participants will break out to discuss the topic presented and come up with their ideas on how to adopt or adapt the specific topic at their institutions. When reconvening, each team will share their ideas with the rest. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their perception as to what are the stakeholders needs, develop a strategy to address those needs, and develop an assessment scheme. These exercises will help them in their institution's developments to address ABET 2000.

Workshop Content

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