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Do you want to know what I like?

bulletTravel - Yes I love to travel. The most fun about traveling is meeting people, to mingle in the different and diverse cultures. People have so much to offer and to learn from, ...

Where have I traveled? Colombia (evidently), USA (of course), Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and now I reside in the beautiful charmed island, Puerto Rico. Still lots of places to go, but still I have a wonderful life ahead...

bulletMusic - Yes, I love music, classical music, my passion, but I also enjoy colombian, puertorican, and in general latinamerican folk music (actually, is there any folk music that is not beautiful?). Whenever you feel like giving me a gift, do not hesitate, a CD (or whatever music storage device is current) is the thing.
bulletReading - Absolutely. I read anything that falls in my hands, novels, poetry, philosophy, psychology, physics, math. Yes, in many of those areas I'm just an apprentice or plain ignorant, but I love a good intellectual challenge. Bored of giving me music? Give me a book or just an interesting magazine or article. I will always value you for thinking of me.
bulletFamily - My very special people. Nothing like a good time with family ... and friends. The best and most important part in my life.
bulletWanna see a picture? Just follow me...

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