OUTREACH Materials & Presentations 

by Dr. Sandra Cruz-Pol (Please give proper credit).

Factoids about energy saving.[pdf 2.4MB]

25 Things to Save  $ y  Save the Planet!.pdf 

*Print on BOTH sides of paper.

¡20 Cosas que hacer para Ahorrar $ y  Salvar el Planeta!.pdf 

Imprime por AMBOS lados de papel

Cartelón hacer de Ahorro Energía.(!MB) pdf 

Energy Conservation Poster.(!MB) pdf 

Global Economy and Global Warming.pps(3.6MB)

Ahorra $2000.pps  PDF

Global Warming pps (2MB)

How UPRM can save $1M a year(xls 32kB)

Save over $2000! (pps-2MB) or (pdf 1.4MB)

Para niños; juego de Scavenger Hunt(300KB)

Important Link: http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/

Watch out for ghost! Phantom Loads!

Reciclaje y Ambiente pdf   [pps]

CASA DCAS radars Spanish

Campus Verde ppt Resoluciones

Movies to Watch (Learn what's happening to our planet before it's too late!):

Too Hot not to Handle

Who killed the Electric Car?

Recommended Reading:

Enlace a iniciativa Campus Verde


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at


Graduate School

Why Graduate School?.ppt [1MB]

GEM(Money for Graduate School!).ppt [1.8MB]

Grad School Challenges for Minorities.pdf [265kB]

Effective Presentations Workshop.pps (2.7MB) 

 Poster Preparation Workshop.pps (1MB)

Poster Template.ppt(260kB) 

Thesis Template(655kB)

Thesis Workshop.pps(455kB)

Escuela Graduada Balance.ppt (171kB) 

Phantom Loads

Movies to Watch:

An Inconvenient Truth


¿Qué es Ingeniería?(1.5MB)

Taller de ELectrónica K-12(500kB)

What is Engineering ppt (1.2MB) 

Electronic Workshop for K-12 ppt (650kB)

Intro to Radar

Solar Kit intro(pps)    Pdf

Weather Paper fold game Spanish Weather

ElectronicPaper fold game ElectronicSpanish


CASA 2005 K-12 Content Institute

CASA KCI Call Back -Nov 5, 2005