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CONTENTS Volume XXXI ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 2011
  • Heather Duerre Humann
    Body Politics in Corregidora
  • Tina V. Cabrera
    Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius: The Intrusion of a Not-So-Fantastic World
  • Vartan P. Messier
    The Natural Right to Absolute Freedom
  • Rachel McCoppin
    Acceptance of the Other: Reconciliation in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
  • Priya Menon
    Asserting the Local: White Subversions in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
  • Belkacem Belmekki
    Gandhi and the Indians’ Malaise in South Africa: Disillusionment with the British Empire?
  • Ángel Daniel Matos
    The Conversion of “Paul”: Cultural, Religious, and Sexual Negotiations in Alex Sanchez’s The God Box
  • Mark DeStephano
    Juan de Miramontes’s Armas antárticas, Epic, and the Catechetical Tradition of the Council of Trent and the Counter-Reformation
  • Pamela J. Rader
    “Deux arcs alternés”: Reframing Spatial Aesthetics in Assia Djebar’s Ombre Sultane
  • J.D. Isip
    History and Memory in Almanac of the Dead and One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • Monique Mironesco
    Disconnection: Advertising and Editorial Content in the Housewives League Magazine (1913-1916)

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CONTENTS Volume XXX ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 2010
  • María Jesús Martínez-Alfaro
    Historia, trauma y literatura: la representación del holocausto en la narrativa contemporánea en lengua inglesa
  • Hugo Ríos
    Death and the Maiden: The Floating Courtesan in Pakeezah
  • Judith Caesar
    A Post-Colonial Ursula Le Guin
  • Luella Putnam
    Boredom, Insignificance, and Death in Voltaire’s Candide, Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, and Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides To Die
  • Andrea Righi
    Emblematic Verbalizations: Clark Coolidge’s Opaque Window On America
  • Catalina Florina Florescu
    Miasma and/as Uncontrolled Political Discourses
  • Nicholas M. Creary
    Times of Lamentation: Rethinking Periodization in African History
  • Mercedes Montero
    The Eternal Return to Liberalism: Spain in the Cultural Memory of Alberto Jiménez Fraud (1883–1964)

  • Alicia Giralt
    Pablo gana una batalla
  • Gustavo V. García
    La casa del sueño - Anónimo europeo

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  • ÍNDICE Volume XXIX ~ Number 1 ~ June 2009
    Special Issue on Time and Temporality

    CONTENTS Volume XXVII ~ Number 2 ~ December 2008
    • Hugo Ríos
      La poética de los sentidos en los filmes de Lucrecia Martel
    • Dominick Grace
      Animal Planet: Phyllis Gotlieb’s Bestiary
    • Liliana Judith Guzmán
      Pensarnos con la alteridad: Interpretación del film Un buda
    • Soophia Ahmad
      Women Who Make a Man: Female Protagonists in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
    • Bindu Malieckal
      The Bangladeshi Genocide in Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey
    • Sarah Zapata
      Rethinking Masculinity: Changing Men and the Decline of Patriarchy in Tim Winton’s Short Stories
    • Linn Egeberg Holmgren
      Performing Feminist Affinity: Interviewing Feminist Men In Sweden
    • Kathy Knapp
      ‘Ain’t No Friend of Mine’: Immigration Policy, the Gated Community, and the Problem with the Disposable Worker in T.C. Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain
    • Beatriz Domínguez Ruiz
      Mimetic Patterns of Masculinity or Just Another Fantasy Book
    • Servane Woodward
      Tansi’s Radio Parenthesis
    • William S. Haney II
      Cyborgs, Posthumanism and Short Fiction

    • Kathleen Anderson
      To Sew or Not To Sew: What’s a Woman To Do?

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    CONTENTS Volume XXVIII ~ Number 1 ~ June 2008
    Special issue on Men and Masculinities

    CONTENTS Volume XXVII ~ Number 2 ~ December 2007
    • Kanchana Mahadeva
      Wounding Words and Speech Acts: Between Habermas and Butler
    • Michael Mikulak
      The Nature of Solidarity and Nature’s Solidarity: Bioregionalism, Situated Knowledge, and Unity in Diversity within Biocultural Systems
    • Libe García Zarranz
      Diswomen Strike Back? The Evolution of Disney’s femmes in the 1990s
    • Sara Scott Armengot
      The Return of Patient Zero: The Male Body and Narratives of National Contagion
    • Jessica Webb
      Corrupting Boyhood in Didactic Children’s Literature: Marryat, Ballantyne and Kingsley
    • Patricia Catoira
      El barroco y la patria criolla en Espejo de paciencia
    • Stéphane Pillet
      When Strategic Mistakes Save the Play Application of Game Theory in Sartre’s Dirty Hands
    • Jocelyn A. Géliga Vargas
      El incierto proyecto del “cine nacional” puertorriqueño ante el colonialismo y la globalización
    • Mark Mascia
      Redefining Civilization: Historical Polarities and Mythologizing in Los conquistadores of Pablo Neruda’s Canto general

    • Giles Goodland
      Blister; Ghost; Myth of the Jews; Nothing; Representation; The Poet

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    CONTENTS Volume XXVII ~ Number 1 ~ June 2007
    • Kristin Pitt
      Resisting Colony and Nation: Challenging History in Maryse Condé’s Moi, Tituba, sorcière ... Noire de Salem
    • Vartan P. Messier
      Consumerism After Theory: Globalization and the End of Transnational Discourse in Néstor García Canclini’s Cultural Empiricism
    • Belkacem Belmeki
      Rationale for the Indian Muslims’ Philosophy of Loyalism to British Colonial Rule in the Nineteenth Century
    • Dimple Godiwala
      The Sacred and the Feminine: Women Poets Writing in Pre-Colonial India
    • Susana Nicolás Román
      La transculturalidad y la traducción teatral: el caso de Edward Bond
    • Anna Boyagoda
      “Why should he be here, why should they have come at all”?: Transnational Community in Derek Walcott’s Omeros
    • Divya Sood
      Empire, Power, and Language: The Creation of an Identity in V.S. Naipaul’s The Mystic Masseur
    • Judith Caesar
      Gogol’s Namesake: Identity and Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
    • Thomas F. Halloran
      Postcolonial Mimic or Postmodern Portrait? Politics and Identity in V.S. Naipaul’s Third World
    • Marlene Hansen Esplin
      El desplazamiento de binarismos y la función retórica de “la hibridez” en Naufragios
    • Ruma Sen
      Locating Whiteness: History, Power, Identity and the Postcolonial Framework
    • Irene Wirshing
      Rosario Ferré’s The House on the Lagoon: Representations of Dominant and Marginal Discourse

    • Hugo Ríos
      Camándulas; La mentira de Calypso; Dualidad
    • Kenneth D. Capers
      Eating Culture

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    CONTENTS Volume XXVI ~ Number 2 ~ December 2006
    • Brady Harrison
      'The Gringos Perfected it in Vietnam': Torture and the American Adviser in Claribel Alegría’s “Family Album” and Carlos Martínez Moreno’s El Infierno
    • Liliana Judith Guzmán
      Filosofar con Platón: El diálogo como experiencia hermenéutica
    • Diana Curtis
      Suspicions, Secrets, and the American Psyche: Melville’s The Confidence-man and Post-9/11 Paranoia
    • Nancy Rosenfeld
      “Into Some Dirty Hole Alone”: The Earl of Rochester Perverts Milton
    • Christopher Powers
      “The Nubian Sculptor”: Ralph Ellison and the Politics of the Word
    • Sudha Shastri
      Return to the Beginning: House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski
    • Bruce Bennett
      Secrets and Lies: Secret Agents and the Search for Truth
    • Nick Haydock
      False and Sooth Compounded in Caxton’s Ending of Chaucer’s House of Fame
    • Paul Ugor
      Demonizing the African Other, Humanizing the Self: Hollywood and the Politics of Post-imperial Adaptations
    • Andrés Valdez Zepeda y Filadelfo León Cázares
      El efecto de los spots publicitarios en la conducta del votante: El caso de la elección presidencial en México, 2006
    • Maria Zamora
      Female Embodiment and the Politics of Representation in Jessica Hagedorn’s Dogeaters

    • Bill DeGenaro
      House of Words, The Bicentennial

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    CONTENTS Volume XXVI ~ Number 1 ~ June 2006
    Special issue on Humans and the Environment
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    CONTENTS Volume XXV ~ Number 2 ~ December 2005
    • Kimberly Rostan
      Sweet are the Uses of Tragedy: Death and the Maiden's ‘Almost Aristotelian' Testimony /9
    • Lilia Dapaz Strout
      "Otra vuelta de tuerca": "Silvia" como enigma y gólem de palabras/25
    • Vartan P. Messier
      The Conservative, the Transgressive, and the Reactionary: Ann Radcliffe's The Italian as a Response to Matthew Lewis' The Monk/37
    • Claire Manes
      The Representation of Leprosy and War in The Samurai's Garden/49
    • José Jiménez-Justiniano
      "From Celebration to Rebellion to Subversive Submission": The Problem of History and Literary Interpretation/61
    • José Luis de la Fuente
      Simplemente una ilusión: la realidad colonizada en las últimas novelas de Emilio Díaz Valcárcel/83
    • María Cristina Saavedra
      Nation and Migration: Emigration and Exile in Two Cuban Films of the Special Period/109
    • Roger Craik
      The Ache of Victorianism: L.P. Hartley and Kenneth Grahame/125
    • María Teresa Bertelloni
      Mar, amor y muerte en Atardecer en el Atlántico/143
    • Tracy Wendt
      Body as Mentality in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome/155
    • Anna Kérchy
      The Female Grotesque in Contemporary American Culture/173

    • Javier V. Urbina

    • Mary Leonard
      Walter Jost. Rhetorical Investigations: Studies in Ordinary Language Criticism/195

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    CONTENTS Volume XXV ~ Number 1 ~ June 2005
    Special issue on The Discourse of Disability
    • Julia Kristeva
      At the Limits of Living: To Joseph Grigely
    • Rosana Díaz Zambrana
      Diferencias aterradoras: el discurso del miedo y la liminalidad vinculados a dos ejemplos de discapacidad
    • Elizabeth Donaldson
      The Psychiatric Gaze: Deviance and Disability in Film
    • Éva Tettenborn
      “Outside of or Beyond the Human": Gunther von Hagens' Anatomy Exhibit "Körperwelten--Body Worlds" as Contemporary Freak Show
    • Rob Mawyer
      The Postmodern Turn in Disability Studies
    • Colin Counsell and Peri Stanley
      Performing Impairment: The Cultural Enactment of Disability
    • Vanessa Warne
      "If You Should Ever Want An Arm": Disability and Dependency in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Man That Was Used Up"
    • Michelle Jarman
      Resisting "Good Imperialism": Reading Disability as Radical Vulnerability
    • Roxanne Kirkwood
      Support Choice, Support People: An Argument for the Study of Pro-Anorexia Websites
    • Miho Iwakuma
      Culture, Disability, and Disability Community: Notes on Differences and Similarities in Japan and the United States
    • Lili Hsieh
      The Wheel-Chaired Spectator: Disability as an Allegory of "Per-versive" Viewing Pleasures in Suite 16
    • Catherine Closet-Crane
      Dwarfs as Seventeenth-Century Cynics at the Court of Philip IV of Spain: A Study of Velázquez' Portraits of Palace Dwarfs
    • Cristina Cañamares
      Personajes discapacitados en la literatura infantil y juvenil
    • Nandita Batra
      Afterword: The Discourse of Disability Conference 1993 Twelve Years Later

    • Jim Ferris
      Apologia, The Way of the Cross

    • Chris Bell
      Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories, edited by Bob Guter and John R. Killacky

    • The Discourse of Disability Conference 1993
      Conference Program

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    CONTENTS Volume XXIV ~ Number 2 ~ December 2004
    Ed. Nandita Batra
    • Fabio Akcelrud Durão
      Adorno in Brazil /9
    • Glenda Y. Nieto
      Estructura narrativa y ecos de angustia existencial en Crisis de Edelmira González Maldonado /25
    • Kayode O. Ogunfolabi
      On Identity, and "Separation of Word from History" /39
    • Hugo Ríos
      Hybrid Moments in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses 51
    • Lewis Caccia, Jr.
      Animals as 18th-Century Text: The Contextualized Practice of Goldsmith's Writing and Gainsborough's Painting /59
    • Dominique Russell
      'Esta desgarrada incógnita': Monster Theory and Hijos de la ira /73
    • German E. Vargas
      Narrative Mode, Mixed Images, and Adaptation in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now /91
    • Carmen Rivera
      Viajes, cuerpo y escritura en Vivir la vida de Sara Sefchovich /103
    • Susan E. Jones
      Reading Leonard Thompson: The Diary of a Nineteenth-Century New Englander /117
    • Rosario Torres
      Ariel: La reconciliación de lo bello y lo sublime /129
    • Miguel Marrero
      Cinematic Grand Narratives: Spectatorship and Identity Politics /135
    • Arnold Schmidt
      Identity and Difference: The Meaning of Community in Wordsworth's Early Poetry /147

    • Ira Raja
      Ma Reads /163

    • Georgia Scott
      Grecian Keys /171
    • Santiago Montobbio
      Arráez; Boceto del artista adolescente y jubilado; Gris; Acqua alle corde /175

    • Anderson Brown
      Physics as Philosophy: The Philosophical Import of Some Key Concepts in Physics, by Halley D. Sánchez /181

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    CONTENTS Volume XXIV ~ Number 1 ~ June 2004
    Special issue on Violence and Aggression
    Ed. Nandita Batra
    • Claudio D. Salas
      The Legality of Aggression: Self-Defense in Domestic and International Contexts /9
    • Marta Fernández Morales
      'I Wrote to Exist': Eve Ensler y The Vagina Monologues /31
    • Javier Muñoz-Basols
      'Mal venga a tal padre que tal faze a fijo!' La agresión corporal como representación alegórica de la fe cristiana en 'Los Milagros de Nuestra Señora' /47
    • Harmonie Loberg
      Queen Gertrude: Monarch, Mother, Murderer /59
    • Vartan P. Messier
      Violence, Pornography and Voyeurism as Transgression in Brett Easton Ellis' American Psycho /73
    • G. Christopher Williams
      Alain Robbe-Grillet's Parody of Modernist Aesthetics Through the Kinetics of Violence /95
    • David Waterman
      Bill the Symbolic Worker: Forced Syndicalism, Opposition and the Self in Anthony Burgess's 1985 /105
    • Beatriz Carolina Peña Núñez
      La persecución como contradiscurso al orden y a la paz trujillistas en los 'Cuentos escritos en el exilio', de Juan Bosch /119
    • Wendy A. Rountree
      Overcoming Violence: Blues Expression in Sapphire's Push /133
    • Alexandra Ganser
      Violence, Trauma, and Cultural Memory in Leslie Silko's Ceremony /145

    • Ann Daghistany
      Aggression in Kosovo /163

    • Bill Stobb
      Nervous Systems, Other Greens: Reductions, Semi-Automatic /177

    • M. Isabel Menéndez Menéndez
      Los malos tratos a escena. El teatro como herramienta contra la violencia de género, by Marta Fernández Morales /187

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    CONTENTS Volume XXIII ~ Number 2 ~ December 2003
    Ed. Nandita Batra
    • Rick Mitchell
      Caribbean Cruising: Sex, Death, and Memories of (Congo) Darkness / 9
    • Sarbani Chaudhury
      Anticipating the English Reformation in Popular Culture: Simon Fish’s A Supplication for the Beggars / 25
    • Angel Rivera
      Ética y estética de la compasión en Mayra Montero: Aguaceros Dispersos / 39
    • Diana Davidson
      Difficult Writings: AIDS and the Activist Aesthetic in Reinaldo Arenas’ Before Night Falls / 53
    • Javier Muñoz-Basols
      La recreación del género gótico a través de la percepción sensorial: la construcción de la hipotiposis en Aura de Carlos Fuentes / 73
    • Melissa Purdue
      From Sarojini Naidu’s “curved and eloquent little mouth” to Arundhati Roy’s “mass of untamed curls and smouldering dark eyes”: Stereotypical Depictions of Female, Indian Authors in Reviews of their Work / 87 
    • Maribel Acosta-Lugo
      Mujer, mito e historia: una lectura de las estructuras temporales en Malena de cinco mundos de Ana Teresa Torres / 105
    • Penelope Kelsey
      Narratives of the Boarding School Era from Victimry to Resistance / 123
    • Cynthia Degnan
      [Ex]posing Sightlines: The Staging of Power in Cherríe Moraga’s Heroes and Saints / 139
    • Paula Pinto Elyseu Mesquita
      Law(s) and Disorder(s): Male Trouble in Faulkner’s Sanctuary / 153

    • Saikat Majumdar
      No Exit / 179

    • Hugo Ríos
      Iniciación, Calendario, En el principio: Génesis, Un atardecer de vacunas, Ciclos, Espejos, Camándulas, Sala de espera, Ciudad en cinco voces y un suspiro, Sobre ojos y gatos, Sarajevo, La escala, El verbo inevitable / 195

    • Dan Mills
      Gender and Heroism in Early Modern English Literature, by Mary Beth Rose / 205
    • Kathryn Ferguson
      From Diggers to Drag Queens: Configurations of Australian National Identity, by Fiona Nicholl / 209

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    CONTENTS Volume XXIII ~ Number 1 ~ June 2003
    Ed. Nandita Batra
    • Cheryl Alexander Malcom
      The Ugly Sister Talks Back: Eavan Boland's (Re)Visions of Ireland /9
    • Saikat Majumdar
      The Alien Insider /21
    • Emron Esplin
      An Assertion of Individuality: Reading Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer's Green-eyed Woman as a Sublime Object /35
    • Jason Camlot
      Mammals and Machines: Michael McClure's Embodying Poetics /53
    • Nancy Rosenfeld
      "Who peyntede the leon?" The Olde Wyf confronts the Wife of Bath and Criseyde /69
    • Amanda Cagle
      Looking for Love on Samuel Beckett's Stage: Homoeroticism, Sterility and the Postcolonial Condition /83
    • María Mercedes Andrade
      Crossing Identities in Severo Sarduy's De donde son los cantantes /95
    • Ingrid Matos-Nin
      La importancía del tema sobrenatural en María de Zayas y Sotomayor /103
    • Andrew Martino
      The Errant Auto-biographer: Reflections of the Author in Umberto Eco's The Island of the Day Before /115
    • Lewis Caccia, Jr.
      The Spirit of William Stafford: A Countertradition to Modernism? /123

    • Hugo Ríos
      El puñal, Parábola de fuego, El otro, Migas /139

    • Christopher Kelen
      from Macao, A Map of the Seasons: "First ferry for Macao," "Bemvindo," "Gung Hey Fa Choi," "February," "Macao: Apostrophe" /147

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    CONTENTS Volume XXII ~ Numbers 1-2 January-December 2002
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri
    • Adriana Lewis Galanes
      El desconcertante marco anamórfico de Concierto barroco: una cala en la preceptiva de la dificultad/ 7
    • Patricia A. Crouch
      Dissecting the Royal Subject: The King's Two Bodies and the Jacobean Court Masque/ 17
    • Mario R. Cancel
      Mitos, nación y militarismo: la literatura menor y el 1898/ 31
    • Thomas McConnell
      Fragmentation and Assimilation in Judith Ortiz Cofer's The Latin Deli and Year of Our Revolution/57
    • Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio
      A Classic of Situatedness: The Second Sex and its Feminist Effects/65
    • Catalina Oliver Prefasi
      La Nostalgia de la Patria en la poesía de Rafael Alberti/79
    • Roberto Fernández Valledor
      El sueño era Cipango, primera novela que sigue el ideario interiorista dominicano/91
    • Nellie Bauzá Echevarría
      La puesta en abismo en El obsceno pájaro de la noche de José Donoso/109
    • Sanda Nemeth
      Marcel Proust: Theatre and Painting Beyond Appearances/119
    • Juan A. Rivero
      En el álbum autográfico de mi madre/127

    • Angela Laflen
      The White Image in the Black Mind: A Study of African-American Literature by Jane Davis/143

    • Guillermo Arango
      Ocho sonetos de amor/147
    • Sanda Nemeth
      Tendresse; Venez/151
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    CONTENTS Volume XXI ~ Numbers 1-2 January-December 2001
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri
    • Antonio Velásquez
      De cuando la conciencia femenina despierta a la luz de la realidad en Despierta, mi bien despierta, de Claribel Alegría/ 7
    • Arnold Schmidt
      Political Reform and Mary Shelley's Short Fiction/ 25
    • Mark Mascia
      Cervantes and the Reinvention of the Picaresque Narrative in the Novelas ejemplares/ 33
    • Carmen Dolores Hernández
      Tangencias y divergencias: la literatura puertorriqueña de aqui y de allá/ 49
    • Meral Çileli
      Denial of Sexuality and Gender Roles in Lessing's The Grass is Singing / 65
    • Vivian Nun-Halloran
      Parody, Intertextuality and Literary History in Reinaldo Arenas' La loma del ángel/ 7
    • José E. Santos
      Juegos retóricos de la identidad puertorriqueña: la "renuncia" de Rodríguez Vecchini como espacios de equilibrio discursivo/ 91
    • Dominick M. Grace
      The Anti-Carnivalesque Hamlet/ 101
    • Ismael Rivera-Rodríguez
      Lope de Vega's Tragedy El Mayordomo de la duquesa de Amalfi/109
    • Ana María Rodríguez-Vivaldi
      Jesús Díaz: El cine como texto y pretexto para la literatura/125
    • Roxanne Harde
      "I would have drowned to save you sinking": Emily Dickinson, Poetry and Women in Community/137
    • Teresa Moralejo-Gárate
      "The Visit," de Merle Collins, y "The Bed Sitting Room", de Maureen Ismay: dos aproximaciones al tema del desplazamiento en la literatura Post-Colonial/153
    • Robert Miltner
      "Car of My Sleepless Nights": Mobility and Metaphor in Raymond Carver's Poetry/171
    • Samantha Manchester Earley
      Dismantling Master Thought: Discourse and Race in Frederick Douglass' Narrative/179
    • Wendy Ryden
      Bodies in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Competing Discourses of Reality and Representation in Bioy Casares's The Invention of Morel/193

    • Ricardo Krauel
      Veinte poemas mínimos (Segunda serie)/209
    • Sandy Feinstein
      Habituation; March 2; March 3; March 4; Jabr Citadel Meets Mari on her Birthday/213
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    CONTENTS Volume XX ~ Number 2 ~ July 2000
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri
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    CONTENTS Volume XX ~ Number 1 ~ January 2000
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri
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    CONTENTS Volume XIX ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January 1999
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri
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    CONTENTS Volume XVIII Number 1 January 1998
    Eds. Nandita Batra & Rafael Colón Olivieri

    • Francisco García-Moreno Barco
      Carta súplica del reo de muerte Alfonso de Alyseda a Su Majestad Imperial don Felipe el Segundo / 7

    • Davide Stimilli
      Mayagüez, Exile/Permutation / 15
    • Francisco García-Moreno Barco
      Elegía a la muerte sin sonido / 17

    • Luis López Álvarez
      Ángel Crespo en su tiempo / 19
    • Matilde Albert-Robatto
      Eros femenino en la poesía española contemporánea / 31
    • Catalina Oliver Prefasi
      Dos comedias de José López Rubio: acercamiento a su teatro / 51
    • Generoso Trigo
      La importancia de las Ciencias Sociales / 57
    • George Grella
      Baseball as Harvest: Field of Dreams / 73
    • Marcos García de la Huerta
      ¿Identidad cultural o autonomía? / 79
    • Miriam M. González-Hernández
      La realidad política detrás del humor: dos cuentos de Ana Lydia Vega / 93
    • Erich Freiberger
      ¿Qué es el Agnosticismo? / 99
    • Héctor José Huyke
      De asombro y ateísmo como el nombre de uno de los caminos que recorre el curso de Introducción a la Cultura de Occidente / 109
    • Daniel J. Stollenwerk
      Más allá de la historia y la ciencia: un argumento práctico para el teísmo / 121
    • Davide Stimilli
      The Circumambient Air: or, Several Attitudes about Breathing / 131
    • Juan A. Rivero
      La preselección del sexo / 139
    • David Richman
      Writing for the Ear: Yeats and Dramatic Speech / 149

    • Halley D. Sánchez
      The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Knowledge in the Twilight of the Scientific Age, by John Horgan / 161
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    CONTENTS Volume XVII ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1997
    Ed. Hilda M. Rodríguez
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    CONTENTS Volume XVI Numbers 1-2 January-December 1996
    Ed. Hilda M. Rodríguez

    • William A. Owen
      Praise for Pythagoras Via A.N. Whitehead, Guajana / 7

    • María Teresa Bertelloni
      Ángel Crespo y la poesía, In memoriam / 11
    • María Teresa Bertelloni
      Ocupación del fuego / 15
    • Roberto Aníbal Pérez Ruiz
      Retrato de Eugenio María Hostos bosqujado por sus contemporáneos chilenos 1871-1873 / 31
    • Lilia Dapaz Strout
      En casamiento engañoso: violencia y hierogamia en La fuerza de la sangre / 53
    • Loreina Santos Silva
      Aguacero de mayo; simbolos de fertilidad / 63
    • Miriam González-Hernández
      Un paso al frente: el neo-feminismo en dos cuentos de Carmen Lugo Filippi / 69
    • Alberto Traldi
      Il Discreto Mistero Dell'arco Di Costantino / 77
    • Daniela Cavallaro
      De suicidio a supervivencia: tres dramaturgas reinterpretan Fedra / 85
    • Nandita Batra
      Animal Rights in the Romantic Period: Legal Jurisdiction in England and the Intellectual Milieu / 99
    • Argimiro Ruano
      Estilo inquisitorial en los clásicos castellanos / 115
    • Elena Lugo
      The Challenge of the Human Genome Project to the Ethic of Neutrality in the Physician-Patient Encounter / 129

    • Halley D. Sánchez
      Espacio-tiempo torcido, hoyos negros, hiperespacio y supercuerdas - Cuatro libros generales sobre temas de la cosmología y la fisica actual / 161
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    CONTENTS Volume XV ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1995
    Eds. Lilia Dapaz-Strout & Hilda M. Rodríguez
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    CONTENTS Volume XIV Numbers 1-2 January-December 1994
    Eds. Lilia Dapaz-Strout & Hilda M. Rodríguez

    • Teny Álos
      Tribu, Capturo del Insomnio, Nochevisor / 7

    • Louis C. Pérez
      Catalina de Erauso - A Deviate of Seventeenth Century Spain / 11
    • Loreina Santos Silva
      "El Josco": A Political Fable / 35
    • Rosa Fernanda Martínez Cruzado
      La literatura infantil como portavoz de la dignidad humana / 43
    • Nandita Batra
      After Androgyny: the Dialectics of Gender / 53
    • Luis F. Cáceres-Duque
      Una breve historia...Emmy Noether / 65
    • Waded Cruzado
      Aire, mar, tierra y palabras: la literatura infantil y la educación ambiental / 69
    • Linda María Rodríguez
      La novela histórica y la mujer caribeña / 77
    • Argimiro Ruano
      Colón y sus carabelas en la ruta del oro / 85
    • Alfredo Morales Nieves
      Americanidad y antillanía en Hostos: Hacia una desmitificación del prócer / 97
    • Roberto Fernández Valledor
      En torno al alma ensayística de Eugenio María de Hostos / 119
    • Sonia Ruiz Pérez
      La abolición de la esclavitud en Puerto Rico por Eugenio María de Hostos - Anotado por Sonia Ruiz Pérez / 129
    • Halley D. Sánchez
      El concepto computacional de la mente / 147
    • Delia Martínez
      Premiación al profesional de la enfermería: su significado e importancia / 161

    • Azucena Hernández Reyes
      Identidad nacional y sociedad en la ensayística cubana y puertorriqueña by Roberto Fernández Valledor / 173
    • Jaime Gutiérrez Sánchez
      Natural Hazards in Puerto Rico: Attitudes, Experience and Behavior of Homeowners by Risa I. Palm and Michael E. Hodgson / 177
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    CONTENTS Volume XIII ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1993
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume XII Numbers 1-2 January-December 1992
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout

    • Margarita Gardón
      Sus Ojos, Dos Turpiales; Una Gota de agua / 7

    • Beverly Nieves
      For Future Use: Year 2040 / 9

    • Manuel Álvarez Nazario
      La enseñanza escolar del español en Puerto Rico / 19
    • Marta M. Moreno Montalvo
      New Methodologies in Second Language Teaching / 29
    • Oliver Friggieri
      Linguistic and Thematic Cross-currents in Early Maltese Literature / 39
    • Kathleen Ferracane
      Writng and Death in Naipaul's Miguel Street and A House for Mr. Biswas / 49
    • Edgar Martínez Masdeu
      El lenguaje proscrito asciende a la cátedra / 57
    • Eugenio María Hostos
      La tela de araña / 73
    • Francisco Xavier Tapia
      El descubridor: ¿Sonador o realista? / 77
    • Magda Graniela Rodríguez
      "De oyentes, voces narrativas, lectores y narratorios: El engranaje estructural de la novela Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez, de don Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora" / 83
    • Ignacia Otaño Cuevas
      La técnica de la narración en segunda persona en la novela La muerte de Artemio Cruz, de Carlos Fuentes / 93
    • William H. Thornton
      The Politics of Postmodern Realism / 105
    • Rosa María González Lamas
      Del panamericanismo al interamericanismo y a la integración regional / 125
    • Mario A. Núñez Molina
      Bibliografía de investigaciones psico-sociales realizadas en Puerto Rico / 145
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    CONTENTS Volume XI ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1991
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume X ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1990
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume IX ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ June-December 1989
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume VIII ~ Number 2 ~ December 1988
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume VIII ~ Number 1 ~ June 1988
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & Lilia Dapaz-Strout
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    CONTENTS Volume VII ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1987
    Ed. Hilda M. Rodríguez
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    CONTENTS Volume VI ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1986
    Eds. Hilda M. Rodríguez & José M. González
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    CONTENTS Volume V ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ January-December 1985
    Ed. Hilda M. Rodríguez & José González
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    CONTENTS Volume IV ~ Numbers 1-2 ~ June-December 1984
    Ed. Inés López Sanabria
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    CONTENTS Volume III ~ Number 2 ~ December 1983
    Eds. Inés M. López Sanabria
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    CONTENTS Volume III ~ Number 1 ~ June 1983
    Ed. Inés López Sanabria
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    CONTENTS Volume II ~ Number 2 ~ December 1982
    Ed. Ezequiel González Mas
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    CONTENTS Volume II ~ Number 1 ~ June 1982
    Ed. Ezequiel González Mas
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    CONTENTS Volume I ~ Number 2 ~ December 1981
    Ed. Ezequiel González Mas
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    CONTENTS Volume I ~ Number 1 ~ June 1981
    Ed. Ezequiel González Mas
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