1. The People of Puerto Rico – The University of Puerto Rico was created by the Legislative Assembly to provide higher education opportunities for its citizens and to promote the social and economic development of the Island. Puerto Rican taxpayers provide more than 92 % of the UPR budget. We believe that this constituency is represented by the following sub constituents:
    1. Students of our program –We believe that this constituency can provide feedback about how well is the internal curricular structure is helping them achieving their goals and aspirations.
    2. Alumni of our program – Students who have completed their course of study during the previous two years. These stakeholders are most likely to be employed at entry level positions and are better prepared to judge if the program has adequately prepared them for their employment.
  2. Employers of our students – Employers’ satisfaction drives employment opportunities for our students. Members of advisory boards and campus recruiters represent employers. Since recruiters interview students from other institutions, they can provide valuable feedback about how well our students rank both internally and externally. Supervisors of Coop students can provide valuable insight on how well our alumnus perform compared to their peer interns from other institutions.