The UPR was created by the Legislative Assembly to provide higher education opportunities for its citizens and to promote the social and economic development of the Island. Taking this fact into consideration, the department faculty has identified the following groups as the program constituencies:

  • Students – Students are the direct beneficiaries of the program; thus it must be effective in helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. Their participation includes surveys related to outcomes, faculty, and facilities, and vote and voice privileges in department meetings.
  • Alumni – Former students who completed the program contribute to the social and economic development of society through their work and expertise.
  • Employers – Employers’ satisfaction drives employment opportunities.
  • Faculty – Faculty are directly responsible to educate the students, but they also pay taxes, and by doing so, also contribute financially to the University. Their experience and opinion related to the needs of the society and adjustments to our program usually represent the best interest of the University, students, and the society.

Most part of the constituencies are grouped in an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that helps us to determine how well our graduates are doing with our objectives, and also sponsors most of our undergraduate research and supports some research / educational laboratories.