Electronic Payment

Recaudaciones UPRM is the link for payment of the various services provided in our department.  To pay, fill in your initial information and select the adequate service to pay. The following options describe which service you should select:

1. For paper refill in INEL/ICOM laboratories INCADEL and CRAI:

  • Choose either RECA0010, RECA0011, RECA0012, RECA0013 (Depending on how much you want to pay).

2. For getting the INEL/ICOM Access card for the first time:

  • RECA0015 Targeta accesso/inalambrica INEL/ICOM, $5.00

3. For getting the INEL/ICOM Access card after having lost it:

  • RECA0014 Targeta accesso/inalambrica INEL/ICOM, $20.00

4. For getting electronic materials for INEL laboratories press here.

5. For getting INEL 4211(Electronic Laboratory) manual press here.