Laboratory Services

The following table presents the laboratories of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of UPRM.

Name Location Phone ext. Contact Description
Power Electronics Lab S-101 Dr. Eduardo Ortiz
Robotics Lab S-102 3194 Dr. Raul Torres
ElectroMechanical Conversion Lab S-103A Dr. Eduardo Ortiz
Electric Energy Power Laboratory S-103B 5847 Dr. Eduardo Ortiz
Electrical Measurements and Electronics Labs S104A / S-104B Dr. Raul Torres
General Purpose Computer (Windows) Laboratory 1 (INCADEL) S-105C
General Purpose Computer (Windows) Laboratory 2 (CRAI) S-105D 2516
Graduate Students Office S-201 3264 Dr. Eduardo Ortiz
Electronics Testing and Characterization Laboratory S-114B Dr. Manuel Jiménez Devoted to the Task of Designing and Integration of Test Hardware and Automation Software.
Microprocessor Interfacing Laboratory (MIL) S-115A    Dr. Manuel Jiménez  Used for ICOM5217 (Microprocessor Interfacing) Course.
Radiation Laboratory S-120 5824 Dr. Rafael Rodríguez
General Purpose Computer (Linux)Laboratory 3 (AMADEUS) S-121
Computer Engineering Capstone Laboratory S-122 / S-123   Dra. Nayda Santiago Used for ICOM5047 (Computer Engineering Design) Course.
Computer Networking Laboratory S-122A / S-122B   Dr. Isidoro Couvertier
Rapid Systems Prototyping Laboratory S-208    Dr. Manuel Jiménez
Integrated Circuits Design Laboratory (ICDL) S-210B 5826 Dr. Rogelio Palomera , Dr. Manuel Jiménez  Devoted to the tasks of designing and testing analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems.
Process Instrumentation and Control Laboratory S-213 2189 Dr. Gerson Beauchamp
Tools and Toys S-222   Dr. Raul Torres
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) S-222E   Dr. Domingo Rodríguez