Greetings to all former students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineer of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, the before, now and always Colegio!

We have been working on this section of our website to reconnect with all of you, we understand that historically the communication with our alumni has not been the most efficient and we are committed to change that. For that reason, it is with great pleasure that the ECE Department at UPRM is happy to announce the creation of this page focusing specially in the interest of our alumni. You are the UPRM ECE ambassadors around the world and we want to know about your achievements and experiences, and at the same time to share with you the most recent news about your alma mater.

One of the goals of this page is to have a forum where we can communicate through different channels and receive various information. For example, achievements or awards that were obtained in your professional career and that you wish to share publicly with us, suggestions on topics that can be considered as part of our academic offerings, opinions about the possible implementation of online courses leading to the masters degree, and so on. In addition, research or sabbatical opportunities for teachers and students, proposals, job opportunities, etc.

We also wish to contact those who are willing to offer workshops or conferences on topics such as writing curriculum vitae, the necessary preparation before an interview, offering technical seminars, etc. All these initiatives may be coordinated using our distance communication facilities and equipments.

Soon the Department is going to celebrate its 90 years of foundation, and the graduate program its 50th year. We are planning a big celebration, and we will keep you informed about it. Remember to click “like” in our Facebook page, since there you will find the latest news and photos of the different activities.

Thank you for always put on high the name of the Colegio and our Department, we hope to hear from you very soon!