Photo of Fabio Andrade
Professor Description: Director of the Sustainable Energy Center (SEC) and associate professor in Power electronics applied to renewable energy in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez .Research interest: His main research interests include modeling, analysis, design, and control of power electronic converters, principally for dc/ac power conversion, grid-connection of renewable energy sources, and Microgrid application.
OF-336 Work Phone: 5954 Website: http://inec.uprm.edu/fandrade/
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Photo of Erick E. Aponte
Professor Research: Distributed Generation, Islanding, DG Systems Dynamics, Optimization Techniques
SA-500 Work Phone: 3248
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Photo of Emmanuel Arzuaga
Professor Research: Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing
SA-600 Work Phone: 3532 Website: http://www.ece.uprm.edu/~earzuaga/
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Photo of Marcel J. Castro Sitiriche
Professor Research: Appropriate Technology, Engineering Education, and Philosophy of Technology
OF-324 Work Phone: 6190 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~mcastro
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Photo of José R. Cedeño Maldonado
Interim Academic Affairs Associate Director,Professor Research: Power System Operation and Control, Evolutionary Computation Techniques, Transmission & Distribution Engineering, Alternative Energy Sources, Illumination Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Electrical Safety
S-212 Work Phone: 2065
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Photo of Isidoro Couvertier Reyes
Professor Research: Computer Networking, Engineering Education
S-215 Work Phone: 5848 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~icouver/
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Photo of Gladys O. Ducoudray
Professor Research: Low Power, Low Voltage Analog & Mixed Signal Design, Mixed Signal & Analog Test Circuitry, BISTS
SA-614 Work Phone: 2432 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~ducoudray/
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Photo of Shawn Hunt
Professor Research: Digital Signal Processing, Non-linear Dynamic Systems
SA-502 Work Phone: 2114 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~hunt
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Photo of Agustín Irizarry Rivera
Professor Research: Power Systems Dynamics, Control and Operation
SA-403 Work Phone: 2472 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~agustin
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Photo of Manuel Jiménez
Professor Research: Embedded Systems, Rapid Systems Prototyping, Automated Circuit Analysis & Characterization
SA-401 Work Phone: 3780 Website: http://www.ece.uprm.edu/~mjimenez
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Photo of Eduardo Juan García
Professor Research: Biomedical Acoustics, Medical Instrumentation
SA-414 Work Phone: 2717 Website: http://www.ece.uprm.edu/~ejuan
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Photo of Leyda V León
Professor Research: Radar Meteorology, Applied Electromagnetics, Microwave Remote Sensing, Microwave Technology, Radar Systems, Atmospheric Sciences, Microphysics
OF-333 Work Phone: 6197 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~lleon
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Photo of Adriana C. Luna Hernández
Associate Professor
SA-412 Work Phone: 2138
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Photo of Vidya Manian
Professor Research: Machine learning, data mining, neuroimaging, and remote sensing.
SA-408 Work Phone: 3463 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~manian
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Photo of Rafael Medina Sanchez
Associate Professor
OF-332 Home Phone: 6199
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Photo of Efraín O’Neill Carrillo
Professor Research: Sustainability, renewable energy, distributed energy resources, microgrids, power quality, power distribution systems, energy resilience, energypolicy, community engagement, service learning, social and ethical implications of engineering and technology, education research.
S-212 Work Phone: 5843 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~oneill/
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Photo of Lionel R. Orama Exclusa
Professor Research: Electrical Discharges in Vacuum and Gases, Vacuum Switching Technology, Fields Stress Analysis in Electric Power Devices, Power Systems Transients, Alternative Energy Sources, Distributed Generation, Power Systems Protection
SA-410 Work Phone: 3604 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~lorama/
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Photo of Eduardo I. Ortiz Rivera
Professor Research: Nonlinear Control, Power Electronics, Modeling of Photovoltaic Systems, Renewable Energy, Power Supplies for Satellites and CubeSat’s, High Power Density Converters, Engineering Education
SA-513 Work Phone: 6282 Website: http://minds2create.ece.uprm.edu
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Photo of Hamed Parsiani
Professor Research: Multispectral Image Processing and Compression
SA-407 Work Phone: 3653 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~parsiani
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Photo of Domingo Rodríguez Rodríguez
Professor Research: Information Theory, Computational Signal Processing
SA-611 Work Phone: 2031 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~domingo
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Photo of Rafael A. Rodríguez Solís
Professor Research: Broadband and Tunable Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits and Antennas; Phased Array Antennas; Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics
SA-508 Work Phone: 2141 Website: https://inec.uprm.edu/rafaelr/
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Photo of José Rosado
Associate Professor Research: Electromagnetics, Power Engineering, Commmunications
OF-327 Work Phone: 5832 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~jrosado/
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Photo of Nayda G. Santiago Santiago
Professor Research: Performance Evaluation Methods, HPC systems, and Parallel Processing
S-229A Work Phone: 5842 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~nayda
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Photo of Guillermo Serrano
Professor Research: Analog and mixed-signal circuit design sub-threshold design, and floating-gate
SA-509 Analog and mixed-signal circuit design sub-threshold design, and floating-gate Work Phone: 6294 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~gserrano/
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Photo of Raúl E. Torres Muñiz
Professor Research: Neural Networks, Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Computer Vision, and Manufacturing
SA-705 Work Phone: 5837 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~rtorres
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Photo of Ramón Vásquez Espinosa
Professor Research: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence
SA-415 Work Phone: 2090
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Photo of José Fernando Vega
Professor Research: Digital Publishing, Semantic Web and Knowledge-Based
S-229-A Work Phone: 5842 Website: http://ece.uprm.edu/~fvega/
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