PhD Program in Electrical Engineering

The doctorate program in electrical engineering has emphasis areas in Power and Energy Engineering, Telecommunications and Remote Sensing, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering. The program requires a minimum of 49 credits beyond the BS, distributed as follows:

  • 24 credits in core courses and technical electives in the area of specialization, including 6 credits at 8000 level.
  • 6 credits in electives outside the area of specialization.
  • 6 credits in advanced math courses (at least 3 credits should be 6000 level or above).
  • 1 credit of doctoral seminar (INEL 8998).
  • 12 credits of graduate thesis (INEL 8999).

In addition, the students must pass a qualifying exam, a comprehensive exam, and their dissertation defense.


Fall Admission – 15 February each year, and 15 March (late application fee)
Spring Admission – 15 September each year, and 15 October (late application fee)

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Preparing your statement of purpose:

When preparing your statement of purpose you must:

  • Indicate the areas of emphasis of your interest
  • Identify faculty that could serve as your thesis advisor
  • Clearly state your goals and describe any experience in the emphasis area of interest.

Applications to the PhD Program with statements of purpose that do not meet these requirements may be rejected.

Areas of Emphasis

Electronics Engineering

Power and Energy Engineering

Telecommunications and Remote Sensing

Computer Engineering

PhD Qualifying Exam

PhD Qualifier Exam Description (in Spanish – revised 15 October 2022)

Written Exam Evaluation Rubrics   (revised 5 October 2021)

Oral Exam Evaluation Rubrics (revised 5 October 2021)

IEEE Transactions Template

Exam Schedule for Spring 2024

The dates for the exam are:

8 March 2024 – deadline to inform Graduate Committee the exam topic and evaluating committee.

15 March 2024 – Graduate Committee will inform selection of representative for the exam

24 April 2024 – deadline for electronic submission of written exam

8 May 2024 – deadline for submission of exam scores to Graduate Committee (evaluating committee)

10 May 2024 –  Oral exam

15 May 2024 – Announcement of exam results

PhD Comprehensive Exam

PhD Comprehensive Exam Description