Master Programs in Computer Engineering

Students pursuing the degrees of Master of Science (Plan I) or Master of Engineering (Plan II or III) in Computer Engineering may specialize in the areas of Computing Systems (CS), Hardware and Embedded Systems (HES), or Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

The master of engineering is a professional degree that comprises advanced coursework in computer engineering. The ME program has two options, Plan II, where students take 24 to 27 credits in courses, and work on an engineering project (3-6 credits), and Plan III, where students take 30 credits in courses.

The master of science degree comprises advanced coursework in computer engineering (24 credits) and requires the preparation of an original thesis (6 credits).


Fall Admission – 15 February each year, and 15 March (late application fee)
Spring Admission – 15 September each year, and 15 October (late application fee)

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Preparing your statement of purpose:

When preparing your statement of purpose you must:

  • Indicate the areas of emphasis of your interest
  • Identify faculty that could serve as your thesis advisor (for PhD, MS, and ME Plan II)
  • Clearly state your goals and describe any experience in the emphasis area of interest.

Applications to the MS or ME Plan II programs with statements of purpose that do not meet these requirements may be considered to the ME Plan III program instead. 

Brief Overview of Computer Engineering Study Plans