Core courses (18 credits): choose two courses in blue, at least one at 6000 level, (6 credits), two courses at 8000 level (6 credits) and two courses in advanced math (5000 level and above, at least one at 6000 level or above, 6 credits)

Technical electives (12 credits): choose as needed from the list below

Out of area electives (6 credits): two courses not on the list.

INEL 8295 Advanced Topics in Electronics

INEL 8296 Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering

INEL 6009 Computer Systems Architecture

INEL 6079 Advanced IC Design Techniques

INEL 6080 VLSI Systems Design

INEL 6085 Analysis and Design of Power Semiconductor Circuits

INEL 6615 Active Microwave Circuits

ICOM 5026 Computer Networks

INEL 5205 Instrumentation

INEL 5206 Digital Systems Design

INEL 5207 Design with OpAmps and Analog ICs

INEL 5208 Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation

INEL 5265 Analog Integrated Circuit Design

INEL 5417 Power Electronics Applied to Renewable Energy

INEL 5516 Automation and Robotics

INEL 5626: Microwave Engineering II