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Dr. Krishnaswami Venkatesan was born in India. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Jabalpur in 1962. From 1963 to 1966 he completed his Masters at the University of Roorke (now IIT-Roorke) as a Senior Fellow in the first class of a Teacher Training program sponsored by the government. He was also in charge of the university power plant. After obtaining his Masters, he was hired as a Lecturer at the same university. He completed his PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Roorke in 1974. Dr. Venkatesan was promoted to Reader in 1973 at the same school, where he remained until 1980. He was a postdoctoral research associate and also taught at Concordia University in Montreal, from 1980 until 1983 when he was hired as Associate Professor at UPRM.

Dr Venkatesan’s passion is his teaching. He is very committed to his classes and this is evidenced in each of his 50 years he has devoted to educating engineers. He takes great pride in preparing and delivering good lectures, and is most happy when students do well in his classes. His main areas of interest are: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Electric Drives. He has taught many Courses at UPRM, some of them are: INEL 3105 Circuits I, II, and III, Electric Machines, Power Electronics, Motor Control and Capstone in Power Electronics, nd at the graduate level his main courses were electric drives and advanced power electronics. He was instrumental in the submittal and approval of the first ERC where UPRM participated, the Center for Power Electronics Systems. He later was an active researcher and mentor in CPES, from 1998 to 2008. He has 58 papers (34 in journals and 24 in conferences) and is a Life Senior Member of IEEE. His industrial experience includes the Design and development of Power Supplies for Digital Equipment Corporation.

Dr. Venkatesan has left a mark in many generations of students, and evidence of that is right here today, as a good number of our department’s professors were Dr. Venkatesan’s students. His leadership in the power electronics field made possible to formalize it as a sub-area within our power program, making it stronger and one of the top ten undergraduate power programs in the US. The power group wishes to tell all, that they have been able to see further and go further because they were standing on the shoulders of giants. Today we celebrate one of those giants, a professor, researcher, mentor, colleague… but first and foremost, a teacher. Dr. Venkatesan may you enjoy this new chapter in your life, and may your children and grandchildren now benefit more closely from your care and wisdom, as we have benefitted from your work and example these past 34 years.

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