Best Poster Award

The 47th North American Power Symposium (NAPS) was held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte from October 4th – 6th, 2015. NAPS hosted multiple technical panel sessions focused in diverse power topics such as: renewable energy systems, power system optimization and control, smart grid technologies, and others.

The University of North Carolina – Charlotte in conjunction with the Energy Production and Infrastructure (EPIC) hosted students from all over the US for the Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Development (GEARED) Student Poster Competition.

Students from the US were invited to submit posters in order to participate in the GEARED poster session. As the GEARED website states, “ The session offered an excellent opportunity for students to present preliminary or interim results of their research work. A huge success, students work centered on analytical, computational and experimental studies aimed at solving problems related to operation, control, monitoring, protection and reliability, the economics of power and energy systems an components.” A total of 47 students, mostly from graduate programs, were selected to present their research work at the poster session. The University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez was well represented at NAPS 2015 by five students from the Electrical Engineering Department.

uprm-naps-groupFig 1. UPRM representation at NAPS: Jose Matagira, Laura Adarme, Naysy López, Monica Mercado e Isaac Jordan at NAPS.

Each one of the student posters were rated based on technical contributions, poster quality, and presenter’s understanding of the research project. Monica Mercado, senior undergraduate student from the ECE department, won the 1st Prize with the poster titled “Residential Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Energy System Design in Puerto Rico.” Professor Agustín Irizarry has been Monica’s advisor since 2014, and was also at NAPS. Texas Instruments sponsored cash awards for the 1st , 2nd and 3rd winners of the GEARED poster session.

Prize-MonicaFig 2. Monica Mercado, Prof. Irizarry and the winner poster

PosterWinner_UPRMFig 3. 1st Prize Winners, Monica Mercado and Prof. Irizarry with the Texas Instruments sponsors.

“Antes, ahora y siempre… COLEGIO!!!”

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