Core courses (21 credits): choose three courses in red or black at 6000 level (9 credits), two courses at 8000 level (6 credits) and two courses in advanced math (5000 level and above, at least one at 6000 level or above, 6 credits)

Technical electives (9 credits): choose as needed from the list below

Out of area electives (6 credits): two courses not on the list.

INEL 8495 Advanced Topics in Power Engineering

INEL 8496 Advanced Topics in Power Electronics

INEL 8595 Advanced Topics in Control Systems

INEL 6027 Power System Dynamics and Control

INEL 6028 Economic Operation of Power Systems

INEL 6085 Advanced Power Electronics

INEL 6025 Advanced Energy Conversion

INEL 6077 Surge Phenomena

INEL 6096 Power Quality

INEL 6058 High Frequency Power Converters

INEL 6000 Introduction to Nonlinear Control Systems

INEL 6001 Feedback Control Systems I

INEL 5415 Power System Protection Design

INEL 5406 Transmission and Distribution

INEL 5407 Computer Aided Power System Design

INEL 5408 Motor Control

INEL 5417 Power Electronics Applied to Renewable Energy

ICOM 5217 Microprocessor Interfacing

INEL 5508 Digital Control Systems

INEL 5505 Linear Systems Analysis