Engineers working in the communications area analyze and design systems for the transmission and distribution of information through channels such as fiber optics, coaxial cable, twisted pairs or the atmosphere. These signals can be data, video, speech, images or multimedia. They also work in the design and development of point-to-point communications and networks. Applications include digital and cellular telephony, digital television and radio, satellite communications, local area networks, sensor networks and the Internet.

Signal processing is related to the analysis and manipulation of analog or digital signals. Engineers in this area design, analyze and apply data acquisition systems using different types of sensors, manipulate and process these data for the extraction and interpretation of information. Examples of applications include digital video cameras, biomedical images, sonar, radar and lidar signals, satellite systems for environmental monitoring, biometrics, music, ultra high definition television, and multimedia entertainment, among others.

Course Description Credits Required Prerequisites
INEL 5309 Digital Signal Processing 3 INEL 4095 or DIR
INEL 4095 Signals and Systems 3 INEL 4102 and MATE 4009
INEL 5046 Pattern Recognition 3 INEL 4301 or INEL 4095 and ININ 4010 or ININ 4011 or DIR
INEL 5327 Image Processing 3 INEL 4095 or INEL 5309 or ICOM 4045 or DIR